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Former One Directioner Liam Payne had a near-miss at a Los Angeles nightclub over the weekend after someone fired a gun within a few feet of the establishment.

According to TMZ, Liam was at The Peppermint Club in on Saturday, Jan. 21 when a man showed up and tried to gain entry. However, security refused to let him in when it was determined he was using a fake ID.

"He got into it with security, made his way to the parking lot and fired shots in the air just outside the club," the report said.

As clubgoers heard the shots, they all immediately panicked but stayed hunkered down inside The Peppermint Club. Several of them tweeted about the incident.

One woman said she was "shaking" in the front nearby the gunfire. Another man tweeted about it too, saying that music continued despite the gunfire outside the nightclub's doors.

"At peppermint club and there were shots fired outside and yet we are all still in here, listening to ugly god's 'water,'" he wrote, "makes u think."

TMZ said multiple shell casings where found when police arrived.

Liam, who is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Cheryl Cole, reportedly left unharmed about 30 minutes after the shots rang out.

The Peppermint Club is a very popular hotspot for young celebrities. According to social media, Justin Bieber was there the same evening, but it appears that he left before the shooting.

No one was harmed and the man who fired the gun is reportedly still on the loose.