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Head over to Lindsay Lohan's Instagram page and all you'll see besides a profile photo are the words, "Alaikum salam ✋."

This week, the actress-slash-nightclub-owner-slash-international-refugee-advocate deleted all of her Instagram posts in what her rep described to Us Weekly as a "period of renewal."

Lilo, 30, "has been making positive changes in her life," her spokesperson said.

Lindsay reiterated that sentiment in a statement to the tab, telling Us, "I am so excited for this new chapter in my life!"

The slate cleaning comes on the heels of Lindsay's now deleted post in which she appears to have been pondering her potential role in the fight against ISIS as well as her charitable endeavors to help Syrian refugees in Turkey quaff their thirst for blue lemonade flavored energy drinks.

"If only I can keep trying to fix it all/I would keep the world living loving and small/I would share my smiles/and give too Many kisses," she wrote in one part of the poem.

In another section, she wondered how she could do more to help:

"Then I realize, at least I am in a bed, / i am still alive, / so what can really be said? / just go to bed and close the blinds, / still and so on, i cannot help but want to fix all of these idle isis minds / because, / there has to be something i can figure out / rather than living in a world of fear and doubt / they now shoot, we used to shout."

Although the poem has been deleted (for a second time), she tweeted a link to it at one point last week, letting it slip that she'll be more spilling more poetic ink in the near future.

"Let us all 🔺 #keepKEEPINGTHEPEACE 🔺(written by me from my upcoming book)," she wrote (via Complex).

Whether the book will be penned in her native English or "Lillohan," Lindsay's word for the new accent she coined at some point before promoting her eponymous Greek night club last year.

She hasn't discussed the book much in recent months, but Lilo first announced she was getting into the writing business last summer in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Explaining that the manuscript would detail her "personal experiences in life and how to overcome obstacles," she said she wanted to "connect with those who need some guidance when [or] if they are in a tough place."

"I am grateful that I have a voice, which I can now feel comfortable using as a platform to let people know that we all have ups and downs in life," she continued, "and we can all come up from the downs if we get in touch with our inner self and spiritual side."