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When Madonna's 15-year-old son, Rocco Ritchie initially refused to board a flight from London to return to his mother's care in December, a judge told the teen to talk to Madonna about his custody preferences if he wanted to have a say in the matter.

With a New York custody hearing on the horizon next week, it appears Rocco has conceded.

A source tells Us Weekly Madge and Rocco "have been talking" and are "trying to mediate themselves" regarding the months-long battle over where Rocco will live.

Madonna is "trying to win him back" before the hearing on March 2, according to the source, who adds that "Rocco has been the one reaching out to Madonna.

Madge is reportedly not on speaking terms with Rocco's father, Guy Ritchie, who has temporary custody of the teen.

It seems Rocco wants proof he'll have a little more freedom if he goes back to live with his mother.

"Guy is very relaxed, while Madonna is strict and regimented," says the insider. "She is saying things will be different."

A recent video showing Rocco smoking "a suspicious looking cigarette" reportedly worried the singer, whose rules even on tour are apparently more strict.

Meanwhile, Madonna has made her frustration over the matter evident on social media, posting photos of her son regularly with captions about how much she misses him and her nostalgia for happier times with her kids.