Megyn Kelly is hurting NBC's ratings: Report

A new report in Page Six says Megyn Kelly is damaging NBC's morning ratings.

Peter Kramer/NBC

The former "Fox News" host, who is reportedly being paid between $15-20 million for the gig, has struggled since she started her show last month. And now an insider is telling Page Six that "Megyn Kelly Today" is not a singular problem but is also bringing down the entire "Today" show.

"Not only are ratings plummeting since Megyn Kelly joined the 'Today' franchise, but the numbers show Kelly's lead-in has also affected Kathie Lee [Gifford] and Hoda Kotb's show, which follows straight afterwards," a source said.

Megyn's hour is reportedly down 32 percent compared to a year ago, and "Kathie Lee and Hoda" is down 26 percent.

According to another source, Megyn's fellow "Today" show talent is concerned, believing her format doesn't make sense and distracts from the whole franchise. Right after the show premiered, another report in Page Six claimed insiders were confused why her show was a "political-free zone," when her work in hard news and politics is what initially made her so popular.

The 46 year old has been plagued by scandal since her Sept. 25 debut. Debra Messing said she regretted going on her show after Megyn made a comment to an audience member about him becoming gay because of Will from "Will and Grace." The hostess also ticked off guest Jane Fonda when she attempted to ask the 79 year old about her plastic surgery.

But another insider told the outlet it's not all bad.

"Megyn posted her highest ratings yet in the 'key demographic' on Monday, and she had her biggest total viewer number since the premiere," said the insider. "Everyone knows that ratings fluctuate at the start of a new show, and there has been nothing but support for Megyn from all of the 'Today' show hosts. They have each taken her out to lunch -- Kathie Lee just took her to lunch today."

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