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Justin Bieber has, for the most part, repaired his once-tarnished image, but he's still atoning for his past and it could very well affect his European tour schedule.

Back in June 2013, The Biebs was sued by a paparazzi photographer who claimed Justin's bodyguard beat him up at the singer's request in a Subway restaurant in Miami. The photographer also alleged that the bodyguards threatened him with a gun and stole the memory card from his camera.

That case is still hovering over Justin's head, but a judge is adamant that a resolution will take place soon and Justin must participate in the court proceedings.

On Wednesday, a judge ordered Justin to get back to Miami for a deposition, according to TMZ, and the judge doesn't care if it means interrupting his current world tour schedule.

The judge gave Justin 30 days to return to Miami so that lawyers can speak to him about the incident. The judge means business, too, saying that if Justin doesn't show, he'll give sheriff's deputies the order to haul him involuntarily.

Currently Justin's European tour runs thought late November, so scheduling the deposition won't be an easy task, logically at least.

Once he shows up, voluntarily or otherwise, the photographer's attorney is expected to grill Justin on that night and previous encounters with fans and other photographers. The interview is expected to be taped.

The last time Justin was interviewed for a case was in March 2014, things didn't go well, as video was released in which he came off as arrogant and disrespectful. The lawyer in the current case is the same one who grilled him in March 2014 for another run in with paparazzi.

The video of that deposition went viral at the time after Justin all but threatened the attorney for asking him about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

"Don't ask me about her," he repeatedly said to the attorney, who clearly got under Justin's skin. Another time he said he didn't know "Usher Raymond IV," who is often credited at Justin's mentor.