It's closing time at Nick and Drew Lachey's bar in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ivan Nikolov/

The 98 Degrees brothers announced that they were closing their eponymously named bar on Instagram. The closing comes two months after a shooting that left the manager injured and needing surgery.

"We regret to inform everyone that Lachey's will be closing its doors after Sunday, Feb. 11. This will be our last week of operations," the Instagram post said. "Party with Nick and Drew at Lachey's one last time this weekend as a final farewell! We thank you, Cincinnati, for the memories that were made at Lachey's over the past three years."

The bar was the centerpiece of the brother's A&E reality show, "Lachey's: Raising the Bar."

The last call comes after a horrifying incident involving employees of the bar early on Thanksgiving morning. According to multiple reports, Ellie Richardson had just closed up the bar and was walking across the street to her car. She was nearly hit by a van. She and the driver of the van got into a verbal confrontation. Then, the driver pulled out a gun and shot her in the face.

A bouncer then ran to her aid. While helping the woman, the bouncer's truck was robbed.

Ellie underwent emergency surgery to repair her face. She continues to recover.