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Nick Carter has settled his assault case from earlier this year, and it didn't come cheap.

Nick made a "six-figure settlement" with a Florida bar bouncer who accused the Backstreet Boy of choking him out, TMZ is reporting.

The singer was arrested on one misdemeanor count of battery on Jan. 13 after allegedly getting into a bar fight and appearing "intoxicated" in Key West, Florida.

The manager of Hog's Breath Saloon says he saw either the singer or a friend of his try to punch a restaurant employee. Apparently, the pals were tying one on and had been refused service because they were intoxicated.

The bouncer, Skylar Carden, sued Nick a few weeks after the assault. In court documents, he said Nick was originally escorted out of the bar for "unruly and disrespectful" behavior. That was when Carter got physically aggressive, he claims, and then began "striking and choking" him.

TMZ said Nick was "squeezing Carden's larynx."

Skylar's attorney in the case said his client was only doing his job and didn't deserve to be assaulted by a "Backstreet thug."

Nearly two weeks after the incident, Nick issued an apology on Twitter, writing, "I am human and at times it can be a struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle. I'm not perfect and for that I am sorry."

The singer added, "When we fall we have to get up and keep on walking. I hope you stay by my side and continue to walk with me."

Nick isn't exactly out of the woods in regards to the criminal case, but he's close. The battery charge will go away if he completes 25 hours of community service.

After the incident, Nick's Backstreet Boys bandmate A.J. McLean said, "Nick's dealt with his demons. He's a good kid."

Being compassionate, A.J. continued, "You know, he went out, had a couple drinks and something, unfortunately, went awry. It does happen. He's human, and people make mistakes. Lord knows I've made plenty of them. You kind of have to laugh at these things, otherwise you're just going to mope around and hang your head low."