There was a huge police presence at Cher's Los Angeles-area home over the weekend after authorities believed an intruder may have invaded her home. It was a false alarm.

Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

TMZ said that five Los Angeles Country Sheriff's car raced to Cher's Malibu home on Feb. 11 after someone hit the panic alarm. However, after authorities arrived, it was discovered that someone accidentally hit the alarm.

It's not known if the singing legend was home at the time.

To make sure everything was kosher, authorities checked the compound before giving it the all clear.

The was some question as to why there was such a strong response from law enforcement, but sources told TMZ that authorities do not take chances when it comes to a panic alarm (by the same token, burglary alarms wouldn't necessarily get the same response.)

Cher, whose home is a bit of landmark in Malibu as it sits a atop a hill, is well known to be incredibly security conscious. She's even known to have safe rooms in her home.