Ariana Grande's Thursday night started out one way, but it went in a whole other direction quickly.

Gotham / GC Images

The singer recalled her wild evening on Twitter on Nov. 9, detailing all the unexpected guests who crossed her path. And, it all started with a mariachi band suddenly performing outside her Los Angeles home.

"Yoooooooooo i can't believe my friends got me a mariachi band last night," she said. "That sh-- was wild. i think that's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me."

She humorously added, "I was also super tipsy and then all of a sudden there was a mariachi band in my back yard. do u know how insane that is ?"

One of the friends who arranged the surprise, Victoria Monet, commented to Ariana, "You turning around to that was my favorite moment ever!!! Lmao u melted into to the ground one bone at a time."

In a further surprise, the mariachi band played her newest hit "Thank u, Next," among other well-known songs.

Ariana shared several videos from the unexpected evening to her Instagram Story.

After that, Ariana went to sleep. Soon though, she was awakened, but this time she found a four-legged friend on top of her.

"Then i woke up w a pig on my chest. i dunno man. life may not be what u expect but it ain't that bad," she tweeted.

When it comes to Ariana's life, the best motto to live by is expect the unexpected.