Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has been offered a massive record deal worth $10 million, all while he sits in prison, according to a report.

TMZ said the rapper's former label, 10K Projects, wants him to put out an English album and a Spanish album once he's a free man, and it will pay up once those are done.

Shareif Ziyadat / WireImage

Of course, there's no guarantee as to when Tekashi will get released, but both the rapper and the record label are banking on a judge handing down a light sentence in exchange for him testifying against his old gang members.

The rapper has been locked up since last year when he was arrested for racketeering. He faces a 47-year minimum prison sentence. However, there is some belief that he could be released on probation as early as 2020 for his cooperation with prosecutors.

While some in the rap community are disgusted that Tekashi is spilling the gang's secrets, the rapper believes he will be more popular than ever with the masses upon his release. In fact, while acknowledging that his former gang may very well try to go after him in the free world, he said he has no interest in going into witness protection.

Largely due to Tekashi's testimony, several of his former gang member pals were found guilty of a litany of charges last week.