Ricky Martin has secretly married his beau, Jwan Yosef, he's revealed.

Brian To/WENN.com

The singer revealed the news while speaking to E! News at an event for "The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story," the TV series he's starring in.

"I'm a husband, but we're doing a heavy party in a couple of months, I'll let you know," he said. "We exchanged vows, and we've swear [sic] everything, and we've signed all the papers that we needed to sign, prenups and everything."

Ricky said commented that it was exciting to finally call Jwan his husband.

"It feels amazing! I can't introduce him as my fiancé. I can't. He's my husband. He's my man," he said.

Next up, though, is the the party, and Ricky promises it will be quite the affair.

"The typical three-day party, the dinner, the rehearsal, the party and the recovery," he said.


Ricky and Jwan announced in November 2016 that they were engaged after less than a year of dating.

While Ricky is certainly over the moon about his marriage, he told Out Magazine that his biggest accomplishment is being a father to 9-year-old twins Valentino and Matteo.

"A lot of people tell me, 'Well, your kids are on the covers of magazines and blah, blah, blah,' and I'm like, 'Yes because I want to normalize this,'" he said. "I want people to look at me and see a family and say, 'There's nothing wrong with that.' It's part of my mission."

He added, "It's part of my kids' mission as well. My kids ask me about having two daddies and I tell them we are a part of a modern family. This is a beautiful sense of freedom."


And, it sounds like he's ready for more kids, too.

"I want four more pairs of twins," he said on Jan. 7, according to People magazine. "I would love to have a big family, but there's a lot going on at this moment, a lot of work, wedding. It's a lot going on so we're going to put things in order first and then we are going to get ready for many more kids."