Roseanne Barr firmly believes that President Trump is to thank for the reboot of her eponymous show, "Roseanne."

According to the New York Post's Page Six, Roseanne felt that it was all but a sure thing that her beloved sitcom would return to TV once Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 election. Page Six said she was overheard telling co-star John Goodman that she believes the current political landscape and show's revival are connected.


An earwitness said John told Roseanne, "I never thought in a million years we'd be back." To which she replied, "I did. As soon as I saw the election results, I knew we'd be back."

"Roseanne," which depicted the working class fictional family The Connors, ran for nine seasons between 1988 and 1997. It was announced this week that the show will return to ABC for an eight-show run.

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"The Conners' joys and struggles are as relevant - and hilarious - today as they were then, and there's really no one better to comment on our modern America than 'Roseanne,'" ABC Network president Channing Dungey said in a statement.

It's not known why Roseanne thought a Trump victory was the catalyst for her show's return, but she was a staunch supporter of Trump while he was a candidate.


Last June, she told The Hollywood Reporter that America would be "lucky" if Trump were to win.

"I like Trump because he financed his own [campaign]," she said. "That's the only way he could've gotten that nomination. Because nobody wants a president who isn't from Yale and Harvard and in the club. 'Cause it's all about distribution. When you're in the club, you've got people that you sell to. That's how money changes hands, that's how business works. If you've got friends there, they scratch your back and blah, blah."