legal issues

'School of Rock' kid facing felonies after 4 arrests in 5 weeks

"School of Rock" star Joey Gaydos Jr. is facing four felony charges for allegedly stealing guitars in Florida.

TMZ reported that Joey, who played the lead guitarist in the 2003 film opposite Jack Black, has been arrested four times within the past five weeks for heisting a few guitars and an amplifier. He's now facing charges of larceny and grand theft.


Police claim Joey, 27, went into several music stores and asked to test out guitars. He would then leave with them and try to sell them off to area pawn shops, police claim.

The alleged string of thefts began when authorities said Joey lifted an $800 Les Paul Epiphone Prophecy. He also allegedly took a $700 Fender Stratocaster and a $1,900 Gibson Les Paul gold top. He later stole an amplifier, police claim.

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TMZ noted that Joey "confessed and blamed a drug problem."

Sarasota Sheriff's Office

In his recent court date, though, he pleaded not guilty in the theft of the guitars, but has yet to enter a plea in the amplifier case.

New look

Fred Durst debuts a shocking new look on Instagram

Where's Fred Durst, and what have you done with him?

Fred Durst, the famous frontman of Limp Bizkit, debuted a new look on Instagram this week, and he is completely unrecognizable.

Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

For years, the singer was known for his trademark backward baseball hat (usually red) and goatee. Those days are long gone, as evidenced on social media.

On July 27, fans were shocked after Fred posted a selfie that shows him with groomed handlebar mustache and wavy gray hair — the new selfie came after Fred scrubbed his Instagram. The new snap is the only photo posted to his feed.

"Thinking about you 70," he captioned the photo.

After the post, fans jumped all over Fred and commented on the transformation. He was compared to Hulk Hogan, Bon Jovi, Richard Gere, David Spade, Julian Assange and a "youth group leader at a hip mega church."

The jokes poured in.

"Fred Durst looks like he's got into flipping houses on HGTV," one person wrote. Another said, "This guy needs a station wagon ASAP." Fred responded to comment, writing, "agreed."

The singer actually responded to several fans, including one person who said the look "actually hurts my soul." Fred said, "For some the pain is inevitable."

The reason for the transformation isn't known, but some wondered if it was for a film project. Then again, perhaps he's doing it all for the nookie.

Voicemail leaks

Leaked voicemails reveal Britney Spears' true thoughts on conservatorship

Britney Spears has been trying to get out of conservatorship for well over a decade, leaked voicemails appear to reveal. 

The messages also show that she's been fearful of her father, Jamie Spears, since at least 2009.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

On Instagram, the pop star's highly-controversial former manager Sam Lufti posted a series of voicemails from Britney — seemingly left for the court — that gave a glimpse into her thoughts on the conservatorship back in late aughts.

In the first post, which came attached to a previously-unseen image of the singer holding her son Sean Preston, Britney can be heard saying, "Hi, this is Britney Spears. It's Sunday the 18th Just so you know I want out of this conservatorship. I've been blackmailed by visitation with my babies by the conservatorship. I'm confined, restrained, and stripped of my civil rights. And I demand the state of California to review this case because I feel it's illegal.. Bye."

That message, Sam said, was left in 2009 and "every judge ignored all these calls."

In another message, this one attached to another previously-unseen image of Britney with sons Sean and Jayden James, the "Toxic" singer says, "Hi my name's Britney Spears.  I called you earlier.  I'm calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship that my father has threatened me several times, that you know, he'll take my children away. I just want to be guaranteed that everything will be fine with the process and that you guys are taking care of everything, that things will stay the same as far as my custodial time. That's it, bye"

In a third 2009 message, Britney names two men — including attorney John Eardley — that she wants representing her in court in hopes of ending the conservatorship, which has now gone on for 13 years. The representation, she says, is in her "best interests and best wishes."

Back in 2008, a California court denied Eardley's bid to replace Jamie as conservator of Britney's estate.

Finally, Sam, who managed Britney in 2007 and 2008, released a fourth voicemail. In that, Britney says she is of "sound mind and body" and again begged the court to let Eardley represent her, as opposed to her court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham.

"I don't want a conservator," she said. "I'm being held against my will. I can't exercise my constitutional rights. I can't participate in my custody litigation. I believe my civil rights are being violated."

In the caption, Brit's former confidante wrote, "There was never anyone on the inside that would help. These calls are to my phone, these calls cost me a ton of money in court, tarnished my name further but also tore my soul apart, I had no idea where to turn, no one was listening no one seemed to care. I can't believe nothing has changed. She will never get those years back, her children were robbed of a huge chunk of history with their mother."

For the past several months, Britney has openly railed against her father, her family and the conservatorship, which she calls "abusive."

On July 14, a judge allowed Britney to hire her own lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, in her quest to remove Jamie as the conservator of her business affairs. Ultimately she wants the conservatorship removed.

In speaking to Page Six, Sam said her new legal team is aware that he's ready to testify on behalf of Britney. However, the report notes that that may be tricky, as Britney, via her estate, has had a long-running restraining order against Sam that keeps him away from Britney and her family. The most current restraining order runs until June 2024.

Vegas bound?

Adele rumored to be getting lucrative Las Vegas residency

Adele might be the next major artist saying "hello" to the Las Vegas Strip.

According to reports, the songstress has inked a deal to begin a residency show at the newly opened Resorts World. The "Rolling In The Deep" singer would share the under-construction theater with previously announced Resorts World headliners Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan.

Will Heath/NBC

Exactly how many shows she would perform isn't known, but Vital Vegas, a popular blog for Vegas news and gossip, says the show "could start as soon as January 2022."

Adele's last concert — in June 2017 at Wembley Stadium — drew 97,500 fans. The Resorts World Theatre is far more intimate, as it will seat just 5,000 fans.

For years, it's been a badly-kept secret that nearly every Las Vegas casino has coveted the 15-time Grammy winner for a residency — there have been rumors of standing offers from multiple major players in Vegas. At one point she was even spotted touring the theater at Park MGM, where Lady Gaga performs.

The Sun reported that Adele could rake in about $140,000 per show, but Vital Vegas puts that number north of $500,000 a show, which seems more accurate, as it would put her more in line with what Celine reportedly hauls in each time she takes the stage.


Adele has supposedly been reluctant to agree to a Vegas deal due to the dry air. However, it's hardly unheard of for Sin City theaters to transform and adapt to singer's preferences. During Celine's hugely successful residency at Caesars Palace, an "atmospheric bubble" was created and the theater was set at 55 percent humidity. It's widely suspected that a similar type of "bubble" will carry over to the Resorts World Theatre.


Ruby Rose rushed to hospital after surgical complications

Ruby Rose was rushed to the hospital this week after post-surgery complications, but the COVID-19 pandemic kept her from getting immediate care.

The "Orange Is The New Black" alum spoke about the situation on her Instagram Story.

Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock

"I did have a procedure, and I had to have a surgery, but it was fine, and the surgery went well," Ruby, 35, said. "But then [Monday,] I had a few complications, and I had to go to the emergency room."

While getting emotional, the actress said she called an ambulance and it "took hours" for a hospital to agree to take her, largely because medical centers are being overrun with COVID-19 patients.

"They'd been rejecting people all night," she said. "And my case was quite serious — we stuck it out for a little bit longer, and we were lucky enough to get accepted by a hospital after a bit of a standoff." 


Ruby didn't detail what exactly her medical issue was, but she lauded the health professionals and front line workers, calling them "amazing."

In urging her followers to get vaccinated against COVID-19, she said, "Try to keep yourself safe. Try to keep everyone safe. Get vaccinated if you can, please. It doesn't need to be this hard for everyone and I just can't imagine all the other people that are having way, way more serious situations happening right now."

Ruby's has been relatively open about her health issues over the years.  Earlier this month she said quit her starring role in The CW's "Batwoman" because of an allergic reaction to her costume. In 2019, she underwent emergency surgery to treat a chronic back issue that could have left her paralyzed. In that case, two herniated discs were close to severing her spinal cord.

Friendly Support

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul publicly support Bob Odenkirk after collapse

Bob Odenkirk's "Breaking Bad" family is keeping him in their hearts amid his medical issue.

On July 28, Bryan Cranston implored his Instagram followers to "send positive thoughts" to Bob after he collapsed on the set of "Better Call Saul."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Today I woke up to news that has made me anxious all morning. My friend, Bob Odenkirk collapsed last night on the set of Better Call Saul," Bryan wrote on Instagram on July 28, alongside a picture with Bob. "He is in the hospital in Albuquerque and receiving the medical attention he needs but his condition is not known to the public as yet. Please take a moment in your day today to think about him and send positive thoughts and prayers his way, thank you."

According to reports, Bob was filming the hit show in New Mexico on Tuesday when he suddenly collapsed. Crew members immediately rushed to help and called an ambulance. 

His current condition is not known, nor is it known if he was conscious during the ambulance ride. 

Just an hour after Bryan's message, fellow "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul showed his support for Bob on social media, as well. 

"I love you my friend," he captioned a photo of Bob. 

Odenkirk played attorney Saul Goodman in "Breaking Bad." His current show, "Better Call Saul," which is filming its sixth season, is a spinoff of "Breaking Bad."

It's possible that Bob's medical issue could delay the production of "Better Call Saul."

Body image issues

Holly Madison says she had 'body dysmorphia' while modeling for Playboy

Holly Madison recently looked back at a 15-year-old image of herself in a Playboy Bunny outfit. At the time the photo was taken, she remembered feeling overweight, something she now says is "ridiculous."

The photo, snapped in November 2005 in Las Vegas, showed Holly walking a runway and modeling a Roberto Cavalli-designed Playboy Bunny Uniform.


The former "Girls Next Door" star opened up about that moment on TikTok.

"I'm sharing this because I think it might help people realize that sometimes our body dysmorphia is off the charts," she said while the photo digitally hung in the background. "I really feel like worrying about what I look like has gotten in the way of me living my best life and being as happy as I could be, and really enjoying life as much as I could."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

She continued, "I hope that people can take a minute to think about how they think about their own body, and is it holding you back by feeling bad about yourself? And it's not worth it, it's not worth feeling bad about yourself. Like there are things that we all want to improve about ourselves, but it's not even worth taking the time to be miserable."

The photos from that evening show a seemingly happy Holly, as she appeared confident on the runway. Other images show her smiling with late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and other models. In reality, Holly said she was anything but happy. 

"I looked at myself when I looked like this and was terrified and thought I had gained weight, and thought that I hadn't stuck to my diet, and I thought that my thighs were huge, and I thought, I need to lose five pounds at least," she remembers. "And that's ridiculous. I looked like a stick."

Past and future

Porsha Williams' fiancé is officially divorced from 'Housewives' co-star

The "Housewives" switch-a-roo is nearly complete.

Porsha Williams' fiancé, Simon Guobadia, has finalized his divorce from her "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star Falynn Guobadia.


The divorce now paves the way for "RHOA" star Porsha and Simson to walk down the aisle.

Although Simon hasn't commented on his new (legal) relationship status, Falynn has, posting a message to her Instagram Story on July 26.

"I'm officially divorced! It's a party! It's a partyyy!" she wrote along with a champagne bottle emoji.

Simon and Falynn's prenuptial agreement will be enforced, Page Six reported. What exactly is in that agreement isn't known, but court records show that neither will receive alimony. Simon and Falynn are also prohibited from discussing the arrangement. In addition, Falynn's maiden name of Eady has been officially restored.

Simon and Falynn married in June 2019 and split in February 2021. The cause of the breakup still hasn't been confirmed, but both accused the other of cheating during their marriage. Still, it didn't take long for Simon to find love again.

Just a few months after Simon and Falynn's split, Simon began dating Porsha, his ex's "RHOA" co-star, and they were engaged within a month.

"Our relationship began a month ago—yes we are crazy in love. I know it's fast but we are living life each day to its fullest. I choose happiness every morning and every night," Porsha wrote on Instagram after the engagement. "Tuning out all negative energy and only focused on positive wishes. He makes me so happy and to me, that is what matters most."

Porsha and Simon are reportedly planning three weddings.

Personal reveal

'Prison Break' star Wentworth Miller reveals he's autistic

"Prison Break" actor Wentworth Miller has revealed that he's autistic, something he discovered exactly one year ago while self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

The developmental disorder is something he calls an "unexpected gift."


In a lengthy Instagram announcement on July 27, the actor said he first received an "informal autism diagnosis" last summer. He later had a self diagnosis and then a formal diagnosis. The process, he said, is "long" and "flawed" and needs updating, particularly in regard to diagnosing adults and not children.

"And (it's a "both/and") I recognize access to a diagnosis is a privilege many do not enjoy," he wrote. "Let's just say it was a shock. But not a surprise."

Now knowing who he truly is, Wentworth said he will not speak out of turn in regard to autism, admitting that he doesn't "know enough" about it. 

"I don't want to run the risk of suddenly being a loud, ill-informed voice in the room. The #autistic community (this I do know) has historically been talked over. Spoken for. I don't wish to do additional harm. Only to raise my hand, say, 'I am here. Have been (w/o realizing it),'" he said.

The 49-year-old said he's been learning about autism in a variety of ways, including social media. 

James Shaw/Shutterstock

Although the Golden Globe nominee has only been officially diagnosed for a year, Wentworth believes that autism played a part in his career (for the better).

"This isn't something I'd change. No. I get – got – immediately being autistic is central to who I am. To everything I've achieved/articulated," he wrote. "Oh – I also want to say to the many (many) people who consciously or unconsciously gave me that extra bit of grace + space over the years, allowed me to move thru the world in a way that made sense to me whether or not it made sense to them… thank you.

"And to those who made a different choice… well. People will reveal themselves," he said, adding, "another gift."

Music future

Ed Sheeran contemplated retirement after daughter's birth

Ed Sheeran nearly put his guitar away for good after the birth of his daughter.

While speaking to Sirius XM Hits 1, the singer recalled being confused about his future while coming off his tour in 2019, which grossed more than $776 million via 260 shows.

David Fisher/Shutterstock

"I had finished the Divide tour and Divide sold definitely like over 22 million copies, which is like more copies than I've ever sold with an album. The tour was heavily publicized, it was the biggest tour of all time and sold in like 19 seconds," he said. "I remember standing on the Ipswich stage finishing and then getting off stage and just being like, I'm 28. And like, I don't know what to do now — I've chased and chased and chased and chased and got to this thing and then in my year off I was kind of searching for, like, who I was."

Ed said he stopped playing music for a while and decided to focus on fatherhood, as he and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, welcomed their first child, Lyra, during the coronavirus pandemic. Ed eventually found himself struggling with the idea of not playing music. 

"I found myself getting really sad and like having zero purpose. Even though I was putting time and effort into being a dad," he said. "And then suddenly I was like, I think it's more important for my daughter to grow up knowing that her parents have the work ethic and her parents love working hard and love creating and enjoy their jobs and seeing that rather than like looking at your dad as technically unemployed if that makes sense."

Emmi Korhonen/Shutterstock

The Grammy winner slowly got back into music. 

"There was a long period of time where… everything was directionless," he said. 

Ed has recently released his newest single "Bad Habits," which, to no surprise, shot up to No. 1 on the Billboard chart.