Selena Gomez is letting her fans back into her life.


The singer, the most followed person on Instagram, sent her fans into a tizzy on Dec. 5 when she suddenly made her Instagram page private.

The pandemonium was only temporary, because on Dec. 6, the page was public again.


So what happened? Why the change of heart? Well, a source close to the singer said the whole public vs. private thing was just a good ole fashioned accident and a simple slip of the finger -- she never intended to make the page private. The Blast said that as soon as Selena was made aware that her account was changed to private, she immediately switched it back for all the world to enjoy.

When she initially made her Instagram page private on Dec. 5, many wondered if she was lashing out at Billboard magazine, which put her on its most recent cover. Initially, she seemed thrilled to be on the cover, even sharing an image of the cover that dubbed her "Woman of the Year."

"Thank you beyond for your acknowledgment and honor @billboard but honestly thank you more for the event you held for women," she wrote. "That night was so inspiring and every woman spoke eloquently and with such force. I'll try to continue to give my best to even remotely live up to a title. In the mean time I hope we all continue to give our best when the world wants to give us the worst. We aren't stopping the fight."

Suddenly, perhaps upon reading the story, she had a change of heart. In her Instagram story, Selena shared a portion of her interview with the mag that mentioned a giant teddy bear.

"Never will I let another human guess my words ever again. Or invite them in my home," she cryptically wrote. "That is so hurtful. The most 'ridiculous' part of that is no one knowing my heart when I say things."