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Snooki defends BFF JWoww amid family drama

Nicole Polizzi is coming out swinging in support of her BFF Jenni Farley following an explosive fight between JWoww and her estranged husband.

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On Friday, Snooki posted a surveillance video from inside Jenni's house that shows Jwoww talking to police and telling them that her estranged husband Roger Mathews is a "not a bad dad."

"My best friend has been going through A LOT these past few months and my heart breaks for her. She always tries to keep her situations off social media for the sake of the kids, but her voice needs to be heard too," Snooki captioned the video. "She has tried everything in her power to keep things civil FOR THE KIDS and she's a damn good mother."

In a series of videos posted on Instagram overnight, Roger claimed that he did nothing wrong and alleged that Jenni is "hate-filled" and said she often leaves their kids to film the show. He also said she uses their children —Meilani Alexandra, 4, and son Greyson Valor, 2 — as "pawns."

The post came after Jenni got a restraining order against Roger, whom she filed for divorce from in September.

"She doesn't leave her kids for months at a time for work. She leaves filming to care for her children that you don't see," Snooki countered. "Her character is being tarnished and I'm here to show what's really going down. She wants nothing but for the kids to have their dad. Unfortunately she was being taunted and baited & this was the result. YOU'RE AN AMAZING MOTHER AND PERSON and all of us who truly know you know this."

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Snooki backed up her post to drive home the point that Jenni wants Roger involved in their kid's life, as evidenced by the surveillance video.

"There is more to the story that's being told. Stop attacking her . *She HAS BEEN asking the cops to tell the judge to allow Roger to see the kids," Snooki said. "Everything he has stated in those videos is false news. You shouldn't taunt her and film her on your phone trying to get a rise out of her to use it for court.* There is MANY layers to this. And more videos… You can all have your opinions but don't attack her for being that person he claims she is. Everything will unfold in due time."


Tiffany Haddish arrested for DUI in Georgia

Tiffany Haddish was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in Georgia after she allegedly fell asleep in the driver's seat of her car. 

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According to TMZ, Peachtree City police received a report about a driver asleep at the wheel, and they were given a description of the vehicle. Officers soon spotted the car around 4 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 14, as the comedian was pulling into a neighborhood.

After stopping her, Tiffany was arrested for DUI and improper stopping on a roadway. Authorities believed she was under the influence of marijuana. 

The "Girls Trip" star posted $1,666 to bond out of jail around 6:30 a.m. She even managed to smile for her mug shot.

Tiffany has yet to publicly comment on the arrest. 

The actress has been mourning the recent losses of her grandmother, her producer Carl Craig and dear friend Bob Saget.

love lines

'Housewives' alum hires matchmaker to help her find love

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…

Former "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Vicki Gunvalson is back on the dating scene after hiring a matchmaker. And so far, so good!

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The reality TV alum joined the "Two T's in a Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge" podcast this week and revealed that she's dating a new man. 

"I'm on my fourth date with a guy from Chicago with the matchmaker," she said. "He's picking me up from the airport when I get to Chicago."

She added, "[He] and I are gonna see each other next week when I'm in town."

Although Vicki, 59, didn't reveal the mystery man's name, she did share that he's 55 years old. Fans got a small glimpse of this potential suitor in late December after Vicki's son-in-law, Ryan Culberson, posted a video to his Instagram Story showing her in a conversation with the man. Ryan joked that he was a "date chaperone."

"He's in Chicago, because I will only date a Midwestern man. … We'll be on date four next week," Vicki said on the podcast.

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She also listed off a few qualities she needs in a mate, including "good teeth," "non-smoker," "family man," "self-sufficient," "entrepreneur," "must love Jesus" and "confident."

In a swipe about her ex, Steve Lodge, she shaded, "I want a relationship. … I want a non-lying, perfect relationship, which is what I thought I had with my fiance."

Animal attack

Neve Campbell was once attacked by a bear, dragged through woods

Neve Campbell was nearly mauled by a bear while filming a movie in Canada as a teenager. 

The "Scream" actress, 48, shared the frightening incident with Kelly Clarkson this week, saying she was 17 years old at the time. 

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"I was playing this role where she's 'one with the animals' and there was a scene where I was getting chased by a bear," Neve explained. "They brought this bear on set and they first gave me this big bottle of Coke to feed it, so this is now a bear on a sugar rush. I'm 17, so I'm really dumb."

The crew then told her to "Dip [her] hand in honey and just run." She was further instructed to stick her hand out and feed the bear when she reached a certain point, which she attempted to do.

Things didn't go according to plan. Not at all.

"The bear is not slowing down and he's not coming for my hand," Neva recalled. "He grabs me by the leg and he pulls me through the forest. My mother was visiting set and she's screaming. The whole crew is frozen because nobody can believe what's happening. All I can think to say is, 'He's biting me,' like it's not obvious."

Eventually a production wrangler threw rocks at the bear so that it would release its grip on Neve. She then ran up a rock to escape the danger.

Surprisingly, Neve said she was willing to shoot the scene again, as she was a "people pleaser." Now, though, the thought of reshooting that scene wouldn't cross her mind. 

"It's silly," she said, "but we get asked to do really silly things, as well."

Social clap back

Reese Witherspoon's daughter, Ava, claps back at 'bigoted' Instagram comments

Ava Phillippe is blasting bigots.

On the heels of her nonchalant comments about sexuality, the daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe posted a fairly blunt message to haters on Instagram this week. 

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"QUICK REMINDER: I can & will block profiles commenting bigoted/hateful messages under my posts," she wrote on her Instagram Story, according to People. "My Instagram profile is not a place for cruelty/hate speech & I intend to do what I can to keep it that way. Peace & Love."

Ava, 22, didn't specify why she posted the message, but it came just days after she shrugged off a question about sexuality.

During a recent Instagram Q&A, a fan asked, "Do u like boys or girls?" Ava replied, "I'm attracted to… people! (Gender is whatever)."

Ava, who recently reached 1 million Instagram followers, told E!'s Daily Pop in December that she wants her social media to be meaningful. Prior to her posts, she considers, "What is that going to mean to somebody else? What does it mean to me? Is this helpful? Is it important? Is it charitable? Is it something I want the world to see from me?"

She continued, "I do have a platform of some sort, for sure, and I want to be conscious of what I am posting. I might not always get it right but I'm always going to try my best to put good out there."

At the end of the day she just wants to be real with her followers. 

"We do see a lot of the falsified sides or the facades, and it's just not completely true of everyone, and I think a little truth is good sometimes," she said. "People that are able to be that honest and tap into that empathy in such a real way, there's nothing like it to me. My friends, I think they all have their own ways of doing it, I love that about them. And in my romantic life it's also important, for sure."

Jokers' support

Brian Quinn reacts to Joe Gatto's 'Impractical Jokers' abrupt exit

No joke, Brian Quinn was "shocked" when Joe Gatto decided to suddenly depart "Impractical Jokers."


Joe, one of the four pillars of the hugely popular TruTV show, announced on New Year's Eve that he was leaving the show due to "some issues in [his] personal life," which included splitting from his wife, Bessy Gatto. 

While appearing on the "Tell Em Steve-Dave" podcast, Brian, who more famously goes by the name "Q," said, "The only thing I'll say that's new information is I was f—— shocked when I found out too. I didn't necessarily see that coming. He's a friend and I'm not gonna talk about his personal life, which is clearly where he's gone to dwell now. It is what it is."

Since Joe's announcement, Q, James "Murr" Murray and Sal Vulcano have returned to work and are filming season 10 of the comedy show, something that was in limbo for a moment.

"Initially, we didn't even know. We were like, 'Can we even, is this even worth doing without Joe?'" Q said. "But you just look at it and you're like, 'Yeah, [it is], I want to keep doing it. I don't want to not do it. If I left the show, I wouldn't want the guys to stop just because I left.'"

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Joe, Brian said, is a "comedic powerhouse" and admitted there are "negatives" to him not being on "Impractical Jokers" anymore.

Amid the departure, the three-headed monster of Q, Murr and Sal had to "accept that it is what it is and give ourselves permission to have fun." They are now having a blast like old times. 

"It's almost like a new show now. Isn't that weird? He was so instrumental behind the scenes and that's just gone now so it's like this new vacuum that you can only fill in parts of it here, and there and everywhere," Q said. "The show, it's gonna be a bit weirder, the show going forward. I'm able to get a little bit more of my s— [in]."

Interview reaction

How Britney Spears feels about sister Jamie Lynn Spears' tell-all interview

Britney Spears isn't putting much weight or thought into her sister's tell-all interview with ABC News. In fact, the pop star is said to be "rolling her eyes" at Jamie Lynn Spears.

Brit's sister and one-time confidant spoke to ABC's Juju Chang to promote her upcoming memoir, "Things I Should Have Said." During that chat this week, Jamie spoke about her fractured relationship with Britney and even said the "Toxic" singer was "erratic" and "paranoid" leading up to her since-terminated conservatorship.

Disney General Entertainment Con

"Britney has been deeply hurt by her family, and this isn't helping matters," a source told Page Six. "Sure, Jamie Lynn has a book to sell, but things don't have to be so one-sided."

It's no secret that Brit and her family don't see eye-to-eye, and most of it stems from the 14-year conservatorship she was under, which was helmed by her father, Jamie Spears

"Other than her court testimonies last summer, Britney really hasn't had a chance to tell her story," the source said. "Everything had to be so hush-hush under the conservatorship; that's why no one ever heard her talk about it until recently. Now that she's free, Britney wanted to share everything that she's been through when she was ready, but Jamie Lynn beat her to the punch."

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Ironically, Britney had previously bemoaned that her family could always give press interviews and speak about her, but she wasn't allowed to speak to the press under the conservatorship.

Whether Britney watched Jamie Lynn's newest interview isn't known, but the source said the bride-to-be is "aware of it." Brit backers also scoffed at claims made in the interview and in the book.

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"In her book, Jamie Lynn describes Britney as 'erratic' and 'paranoid' at her lowest point, but when Juju asked her to comment on present-day Britney, Jamie Lynn said it wouldn't be 'fair' to 'speak to anyone else's state of mind,'" one friend told Page Six. "What sense does that make?"

Jamie Lynn also spoke of one particular instance in which she said Britney screamed at her in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Jamie Lynn curiously left out what caused the fight," the pal said, but failed to go into detail. "It was a disagreement that should have never gone beyond the walls of the family's home. Who didn't have tension at home in the beginning of quarantine? Why even bring that up now, two years later?"

Family ties

What's it really like having Angelina Jolie as a stepmom? Billy Bob Thorton's son explains…

Harry Thornton was still a young kid when his father, Billy Bob Thornton, married Angelina Jolie. Although Angelina and Billy Bob split after three years together, Harry still stays in communication with his former stepmom.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

"To this day, she still sends me Christmas gifts every year and stuff like that," Harry, now 27, told Entertainment Tonight. "I don't talk to her on the phone every day but every now and then we talk."  

While the 2000-2003 romance was a tabloid dream, Harry remembers a much more simple life when Angelina helped raise him.

"She was so cool," he said. "She took us camping every week and she rented, like, a RV one time, and we went on a full camping trip. She was just so fun for us back when we were, like, younger. Like, she was a lot of fun."

Stewart Cook/Shutterstock

The "Maleficent" actress didn't have any children when she and Billy Bob married. However, she adopted son Maddox while they were married. Angelina is now a mother to six children, although she shares none with Billy Bob. 

Although his life with Angelina is two decades behind him, Harry is still Billy Bob's son. Harry is now capitalizing on his famous family, as he's set to star in E!'s "Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules," a reality TV show set on a ranch that focuses on the children of celebrities. 

When ET asked Harry if his dad had any advice for him before joining the show, Harry noted, "He said, 'Don't do anything embarrassing." Harry said he didn't follow his dad's advice. 

Cryptic building

Ed Sheeran building 'burial chamber' on his England estate

Ed Sheeran might never leave his property in Suffolk, England. 

Construction plans show that the "Shape of You" singer is building a church on the grounds of his sprawling estate. That structure will include a crypt, and there's suspicion that that will be Ed's final resting place.

Belen Diaz/DYDPPA/Shutterstock

The Sun reported that drawings of the church were sent to the local council, and they include a "Burial zone beneath (penetration through slab)."

Previous documentation claims that Ed's church would "address an important need for a private place of retreat for contemplation and prayer, for celebration of key life and family milestones."

"The proposed building would be a space truly ancillary to the main house, but apart from it in order to provide calm and separation," the documents continued.

The church — and burial chamber — is set to be erected on the edge of Ed's $4 million property in rural Suffolk. 

Kristin Callahan/Shutterstock

Ed previously hoped to build a church on his land, but local leaders rejected that plan in 2018. This structure is more scaled down. 

"The relatively small structure would be clothed by the existing, emerging native planting in a similar way to other structures in the countryside, helping it integrate into the well wooded clay plateau. This will continue to establish over time, reducing views of the building (and other existing buildings) as the native wooded backdrop reaches maturity," the documents said. "The materials used to construct the new building will be largely in hand crafted flint, to reflect the highest quality in architecture and design detail, providing a contrasting but muted colour and tonal variation that integrates into its surroundings." 

Host with the most?

Pete Davidson in the mix to host Oscars: Report

Pete Davidson is in demand. 

Earlier in the week, it was announced that the Academy Awards will have a host this year for the first time since 2018. On Jan. 12, a source told Page Six that Pete is being eyed for the gig. 

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"His people are talking to producers," the source said, adding that the show is looking for a "reset."

The Oscars has long hoped to bring in a younger demographic, and there's belief that Pete can do that, as the New Year's Eve special he hosted with Miley Cyrus for NBC brought in 6.3 million viewers.

"He gets a demographic that is hard to get," the source said. "He is in a good space, his career is doing well and he is on the rise. He is a sex symbol, unlikely, but he is big with a certain generation."

Pete, Page Six points out, has previously worked with Will Packer, who is producing the Oscars in late March. In addition to Pete, other names have been thrown out as possible hosts, including Tom Holland, Dwayne Johnson and Chris Rock. Pete, though, might be the hottest of them all. 

Thanks, in part, to his high profile relationship with Kim Kardashian, the "SNL" funnyman seems to be everywhere these days. On Jan. 11, the couple was photographed at dinner in Los Angeles, and they later grabbed ice cream while holding hands.

"Kim has such a great time with Pete. He makes her laugh, plays around and has a sense of humor," a source recently told ET. "It is nice for Kim to be around that. Pete knows how to talk to Kim. He is the most confident guy, but not cocky. It is why it works with them. Kim thinks Pete is super sexy and likes how he knows so much about comedy, since that is a world she doesn't know as much about."