If you think Spencer Pratt will be watching "The Hills" anniversary special, "The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now," on Tuesday night, you would be wrong. He would rather being doing something else ... anything else, actually.

The one-time reality TV villain used his Twitter account to blast the special and his longtime nemesis Lauren Conrad as only Spencer Pratt can.

"Watching paint dry tonight not #TheHills bs special," he tweeted about his evening plans.

"No joke I would rather do homework than watch #TheHills special tonight," he later said, adding, "I HATE homework."

But he didn't stop there.

"I would rather have food poisoning than listen to LC talk about Kohl's for an hour #TheHills," he wrote and said the whole thing would be a "bootleg fashion commercial."

Kohl's, of course, carries Lauren's fashion line (for the record, he says he has nothing against the department store).

Many of his 970,000 Twitter followers spoke to Heidi Montag's man, and he was happy to connect with his fellow "Hills" haters. Spencer was on the MTV show from 2006 to 2010.

"I would actually rather go buy something from Kohl's than watch #TheHills special," he told one person. He was clear to tell another person that if he were to shop at Kohls, you certainly wouldn't find him near L.C.'s collection

Media outlet Elite Daily actually contacted the pot-stirrer and asked what else he would rather be doing than watching the special. Love him or hate, his answers have to make you at least chuckle.

His responses included: "go on a diet," "clean up a stranger's throw up," "sit in a coach middle seat next to a crying baby" and "sleep in a Porta Potty."

Several fans tweeted out his quotes and he retweeted many of them.

Spencer said he was not invited to the special, but promised he would have brought some "mean crystals" to the set.

Spencer Pratt, a thorn in Lauren Conrad's side since 2006. What will he think of next? The rest is still unwritten...