Amal Clooney is at the center of some serious fashion drama following her decision to trade one designer for another at the Met Gala on May 7.

According to a new report from Page Six, George Clooney's lawyer wife -- who was a co-chair of the annual Costume Institute benefit that this year featured the theme "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" -- angered fashion designer Tom Ford's team as well as Vogue staffers, who coordinate the red carpet at the annual event, when she not only decided to wear another designer last-minute but then changed into a custom-made look crafted by Tom's team inside despite their pleas not to.


Page Six was told that the divisive look that Amal wore on the Met Gala red carpet -- a silver floral-patterned bustier and voluminous skirt worn atop navy blue trousers crafted by up-and-coming British designer Richard Quinn -- was actually her backup outfit.

Amal informed Tom's team that she wouldn't be wearing the stunning blood-red long-sleeved gown that resembled stained glass they'd made for her after all, and "they were annoyed, obviously, but they were gracious, and said it was fine to go with [another designer], but they would prefer that Amal not wear the dress at all if she wasn't going to wear it on the Met Ball red carpet," a source told Page Six, which also claimed Vogue had encouraged Amal to stick to the original plan.

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Though disappointed, Tom Ford's team hoped they could salvage things by having another A-list star wear the one-of-a-kind gown at another high-profile event, the New York Post gossip column explained.

That hope was ruined, leaving them "stunned -- and furious," Page Six writes, "when Amal ignored their request and, after the media blitz of the red carpet, changed into the Tom Ford dress once inside at the more private affair."

Though Amal was photographed leaving the party in the gorgeous Tom Ford look, those photos weren't nearly as widely disseminated as her red carpet shots.

Vogue staffers, Page Six writes, "were mortified by the debacle."