Tom Hardy is lending his hand to those affected by tragedy in London this week.

The actor started a JustGiving fundraising page to raise money for residents, families and children affected by the Grenfell Tower fire which began on June 14 and has so far left 30 dead and dozens more injured.

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"As a Londoner and as a human being, it is impossible to be unaffected by the harrowing, unnecessary loss of life, injury, sorrow and the continuing desperate and disturbing situation facing those that were residents of Grenfell Tower," he wrote on the page. "It is impossible not to feel deep, profound shock and just stand by and not make the effort to help those who are innocent victims of a seemingly gross negligence. It is impossible not to commend the local community for their response of coming together to support those immediately affected by this tragedy at this time, and I am asking you to please help me raise funds to assist those who are suffering and their families."

He passionately wrote the disaster could have been avoided.

"It is unacceptable in this day and age that men, women, and children are not safe in their homes - homes that are provided by public/social housing - because those homes were not adequately maintained to a correct and appropriate standard. It is shameful," he said.


On June 16, he updated his post, which had nearly raised the $22,000 he set as a goal.

"Thank you to all who have donated money and offered your support worldwide. Your generosity at this time is outstanding, crucial and appreciated," he said. "As the impact of this situation in London becomes more painful in the light of further developments pertaining loss of lives the actual size of the damage caused by this tragic disaster is monumental; its impact on the community more devastating by the hour. Now more than ever I urge those of you that can to please continue supporting this cause. This work will be ongoing. Thankyou so much. tom xxx."