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It was in January that Tracee Ellis Ross was handed a Golden Globe for her work on "Black-ish." A few moments later, her award was nowhere to be found.

While speaking to Ellen DeGeneres on April 20, the actress detailed how she lost her prestigious award the same night she received it.

It all started in the restroom.

"I won that Golden Globe. And then I wanted to change my dress for the after parties. And I...lost that Golden Globe," she said. "I decided to change my dress and I went into the bathroom in the ballroom. I couldn't get in and out of the dress by myself, so my friend I went with took me out of the dress."

She continued, "We went into the handicap stall because it had enough room for both of us. We laid the dress out on the floor and laid the dress out on the floor. I'm standing there in a G-string and pasties with no service on my phone."

Her friend ran out to get her stylist.

"I stood there for 20 minutes naked, in the bathroom, with no service on my phone. Waiting, hoping they made it in. The worst thing happened, someone knocked on the one handicap stall and I was like, 'I can't come out. I'm naked!'"

Once all parties were in the stall, Tracee scurried to get ready and, in the process, left the award.

"You know that feeling when you go to the airport and you're like I've forgotten something - please say it's not my license, and then it's my pants," she joked.

After realizing what had happened, she said she went back to find it.

"It had been given to security and they couldn't find it," she told Ellen. "It was so dramatic."

The good news, though, is that it was finally returned to her.

She added, "I was sweating profusely."