Kylie Jenner is in labor ... according to the Internet. But, a reputable media outlet says otherwise.

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TMZ reported on that Kylie is not in labor and isn't due in January. "She hasn't gone into premature labor," TMZ added.

News started swirling on Jan. 12 that the reality TV star was on verge of having her baby after several people took to Twitter to claim that they had "sources" at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Erin Robinson, who starred on season 28 of "The Amazing Race," tweeted out a photo of a text thread. The message said, "KYLIE IS IN LABOR." The person on the other end of the message wondered how this person got this information. "My friends friends sister is working in the hospital where she is," the person responded.

Another person tweeted, "May have had a semi confirmed source say that @KylieJenner is labor."

"#BreakingNews !! @KylieJenner is in labor," another Twitter user said. "#Confirmed from two sources inside hospital in LA."

Others are pointing to a Snapchat picture posted by baby daddy Travis Scott in a private jet. "Make it home to ya one way or another," he captioned the photo. TMZ said that post was actually from December.

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If the news is true, Kylie is reportedly ready. Earlier in the week, Us Weekly reported that the nursery is done.

"The nursery is done," a source told the mag, adding that she has already booked a baby nurse. "She's a go-getter like her mother. No way she waited long to set that up!" The house has been baby-proofed, too.

"Anything sharp has already been taken out," the source said.

Earlier reports indicated that Kylie was expecting a girl.