Usher is adamantly denying that he hooked up with a woman at a Days Inn in New Jersey in 2014, telling friends that at that time he was head over heels with the woman that became his wife.


A woman named Quantasia Sharpton is claiming that the singer went to her hotel room and the two had sex. In doing so, she says that she was then exposed to genital herpes, claiming Usher never disclosed he allegedly had the STD.

TMZ, though, spoke to pals of Usher's and he told them that in no way, shape or form did he have sex with Quantasia, saying he was on the verge of getting engaged to Grace Miguel. In fact, Usher and Grace got engaged less than two months after the alleged hookup occurred.

The report states that on the night of the alleged tryst, Usher's concert ran late, pushing the meet-and-greet well after midnight. If that is true, it goes directly against Quantasia's timeline -- she said that hookup happened around midnight.


Last week, TMZ reported that Usher told his inner circle that he didn't have sex with Quantasia because she's not his type. In a press conference, Quantasia says Usher pulled her up on stage, which he admits certainly could have happened. He pulls women on stage almost every night.

A source said Usher "looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels," and he believes it's "an esteem booster" to pick out certain people in the audience.

The lawsuit came after a different woman sued Usher for $20 million, claiming he gave her herpes this year. The woman sued as "Jane Doe." "Jane" initially sued for $10 million. She then upped the ante and sued him for $20 million, saying that she tested positive for herpes simplex 2, alleging that she got it from him.

Those claims come after legal documents were unearthed that showed Usher paid another woman $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit in which she claimed she contracted a sexually transmitted disease from him.