When you tell a little white lie on the Internet you're bound to get caught. Unfortunately for rapper Bow Wow, he's finding that out the hard way.

The rapper has been the butt of the joke on the web for more than 24 hours after the #BowWowChallenge began. It all started on May 9, when Bow Wow posted a photo of a private jet and implied that he was taking that to New York City on a press tour.

But, moments later, an eagle-eye passenger on a commercial flight happened to see Bow Wow on his plane.

"So this guy lil bow wow is on my flight to NY. But on instagram he posted a picture of a private jet captioned "traveling to NY today" smh," the person said.

Cue the jokes!


As people started finding out about Bow Wow's little fib, they started mocking him in different and comical ways, often posting about social media life versus reality.

One man hilariously posted a photo of himself seemingly washing a brand new Range Rover. "Blessed šŸ™ My new ride at the car wash. #BowWowChallenge," he writes. But, the adjacent photo shows that it's actually a toy car and he's cleaning it in the shower.

Another asked as if she was vacationing and relaxing on a beach in Hawaii. Turns out it was her legs in front of computer screen.

On person said he had "bottles for days," and shared an image that made it seem that he had quite the array of liquor in his home. The adjoining image showed that he was actually getting a very, very close up look at mini bottles, and his liquor collection wasn't that impressive after all.

Others photoshopped their way into a lavish lifestyle.

"What's up MTV, welcome to my crib #bowwowchallenge," this guy said as his photoshopped self admired his nonexistent cars.

Even Beyonce got in the mix... kind of.

One guy photoshopped his face onto Jay Z's as if he and Bey were an item.

"Nice time with bae #bowwowchallenge," he said.

Another guy upgraded his generic sandals to Gucci sandals with just a simple tape job.

The lesson to be learned here: If you lie, the Internet will find out, and the Internet is undefeated.