Denise Nickerson, the actress who famously played Violet in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," is in critical condition after suffering a stroke.

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In late June, a Facebook group was started to help support the former actress.

According to TMZ, Denise is in the intensive care unit and has had a pacemaker put in. She is being fed through feeding tubes.

Denise's daughter-in-law wrote on Facebook that the former actress' vitals are "normalized, however she began reacting negatively. Visibly unhappy. Really agitated. Twitching. Thrashing so much she bruised her hands and wrists on her restraints."

"She is a fighter," a source told TMZ, adding that a procedure would be done on July 11 in Colorado.

The group, created by a family member, raised nearly $2,492 to help pay for hospital bills, nearly $1,000 more than its goal of raising $1,500. To help raise money, TMZ pointed out that the group was offering autographed items for cash.

Denise was a regular character on "Dark Shadows" and "The Electric Company." However, she is best known for the legendary scene in "Willy Wonka" in which her character turns into a blueberry.

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She left acting in 1978 to become a nurse.