Kelly Ripa is ripped!

The "Live With Kelly and Ryan" host's husband took to Instagram to share a photo of his wife as she relaxed on a daybed, presumably by a pool.

"My morning view..#ofmark #underhiseye," Mark Consuelos captioned an image of Kelly.

In the snap, the TV host seems unaware that the photo is being taken as she looks at her iPhone while donning an oversized brimmed hat. Her legs appear incredibly toned and her biceps are easily noticeable.

Aurora Rose/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Both Kelly and her husband of 21 years are known to hit the gym on a regular basis, and it is making their bodies look really good.

In the past, Kelly has spoken about her love of spin classes.

"This is my version of the club," she told Style of Sport last year. "It's the only place I feel really comfortable and where I have sort of found my 'tribe' to coin a phrase. You know when you're in the club and the DJ gets to the really good part? You don't just pick up your shoes and go home. You go, 'I just have to get a sip of water and I'll be right back.' And that's what the double is."

Cardio is the name of the game for Kelly.

"My son runs cross country for college so I run after him," she said. "I like to say we started running together and I used to drag him. It was like dragging a puppy on a leash. Then he started running where I was saying 'Wait, wait, wait up. I can't keep up with you.' Now we start together and he says, 'I'll see you back home.'"