Hannah Hart rose to fame after filming herself making a grilled cheese sandwich while quaffing a glass of wine back in 2011.

But when it comes to her diet it seems -- just like any sensible person -- a modicum of balance is always the order of the day.

In a new interview the 29-year-old digital personality -- famed for her My Drunk Kitchen web series -- opened up about her diet, the importance of nutrition and how she is learning to let go of her body insecurities.

Hannah, who just last week shared a video and Instagram snap of herself working out at the gym, told Yahoo Health that the kinds of foods she eats affects her mood.

She explained, "The other day I got so drunk, I ate Taco Bell for the first time in forever and I was miserable.

"The next day I just felt like s---. I felt like s---about myself, I felt like s--- about the food, I just felt like s---. I'm a big believer in the foods we eat having a direct correlation with the way our body is, and it's funny because we think of our bodies like houses, and they're organisms.

"If you're not giving yourself any nutrients, you're not going to elevate your energy levels."

Hannah, who is in a relationship with fellow YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen, also revealed how she stops herself feeling negatively about her own body.

Admitting she needs to "work on this department more," she went on: "I haven't gotten much further than just telling myself, stop. If I start to think negatively about how I look, I say stop, you're done, that's it, and just literally stop myself. Just letting go of negativity about the way I look. Stopping is step one."

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