For 19 years, Sally Jessy Raphael appeared in many people's living rooms via a TV set during the daytime. But, in 2002, her long-running talk show went off the air and she hasn't really been heard of since.

This week, the legendary talk show host returned to TV as a guest on "Today," and you've got to see her now. She looks a little bit different than you remember her, sure, but she also still sports those signature red glasses.

Ray Tamarra / Getty Images North America

"They were offering me for no money. Glasses are expensive, everyone knows that," she said. "They were offering me a pap smear, an eye test and red glasses and I said, 'I'll take the red glasses.'"

Sally was the first female to host a syndicated talk show, beating Oprah by three years. During her TV run, which began in 1983, she chatted with celebrities, but she also tackled topics that weren't openly discussed much: sexuality, family feuds and multiple births.

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Still, her staple was those red glasses she always wore -- and she still wears them.

The whole thing started after a friend recruited her to switch from radio to TV. After sending in tapes, Sally said the stations told said, "We love her, but lose the red glasses."

After that, she said, "My husband went out and bought three of the ugliest glasses you could imagine. I put them on, one, two, three, the boss said 'RED!' Much better."

Over the years, Sally said she has a lot of fond memories of the show. The best question she ever asked, though, wasn't actually a question at all.

Recalling a guest who once lit up a marijuana cigarette on stage, Sally told Matt Lauer, "He wanted me to react and I pretended that I didn't see it."

Although her TV show "Sally" has been off the air for 15 years, she feels that she could still do it again.

"I think that a good talk show host has something called soul and the soul doesn't go away," she said, "it's aways there."