Work or pleasure?

Zach Braff, 44, is dating Florence Pugh, 23: Details

New celebrity romances are often revealed when stars are seen out partying together at hotspots like nightclubs. But for some celebs, a cozy grocery store shopping trip is what fuels romance speculation.


American actor-director Zach Braff, 44, and English actress Florence Pugh, 23, were spotted out together at a Hollywood Whole Foods on Oct. 7 where, Page Six writes, "the two were joking and playing around."

According to a source who spoke to Page Six, "It was very clear to me that they're a couple."

The sighting comes nearly six months after Zach and Florence were photographed holding hands in New York City in April, which E! News reported at the time.

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Everyone knows Zach from his long run starring on the comedy "Scrubs" as well as from his work directing movies like "Garden State" and "Wish I Was Here."

American audiences are still getting to know Florence, who broke through in the 2016 indie "Lady Macbeth" and delivered great performances in "Outlaw King," the buzzy horror movie "Midsummer" and the flick "Fighting With My Family," in which she played WWE wrestler Paige.

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She'll next appear as Amy March in Greta Gerwig's "Little Women" remake and fight Scarlett Johansson in 2020's "Black Widow."

Page Six reports that Zach and Florence have worked together already — he directed her in his Adobe short film "In the Time It Takes To Get There" — and are working together again: It points out that Collider reported that Zach's directing her in the upcoming film "The Secret Ingredients of Rocket Cola."

Security plan

Beckhams submit plans to build 'escape tunnel' under home: Report

The Beckhams say they need an escape.

As one of the most famous couples on the planet, David and Victoria Beckham know that they need to take security seriously, and they are taking incredible steps to do so.


According to planning documents obtained by the Express newspaper, the couple is hoping to install "an underground passage linking the family's nine-bed Cotswold pad to their luxury car garage"… otherwise known as an escape tunnel. The couple also wants to build a guard shack.

The Beckhams move for a secure tunnel comes after famed soccer player Dele Alli was robbed at knifepoint at his London mansion recently.

"The proposed development includes a new basement cellar constructed beneath the extension to the existing garage outbuilding with a linked walkway," the construction plans at the $8 million home state, according to Page Six. "The basement cellar beneath is for storage of wine and the proposed use of the outbuilding is solely in association with the main dwelling house. … It will improve security for the occupants of the property."

Speaking out

After N-word controversy, Hannah Brown vows to be 'part of the solution'

In mid-May Hannah Brown found herself in the middle of a controversy after uttering the N-word in a social media video for Tik Tok. After initially denying she used the word, she apologized, but the apology largely fell on deaf ears. 

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After two weeks of social media silence — and in the midst of coast-to-coast protests following George Floyd's death — the former "Bachelorette" star is again speaking up.

"I've been so concerned with not wanting to be disrespectful in taking up space when the events that are going on and the death of George Floyd is happening and there is so much suffering and anger. I didn't want to offend anybody," she said, noting that she was nervous to record the 18-minute Instagram video. "And I may be offending people right now, but I realize that it's not about the right time. It's about the right thing. I'm so lucky to have the platform that I have, and I know a lot of people are asking for white people to use their platform and to take accountability."

"I just can't stay silent anymore," she continued. "I'm not trying to drudge up old things about what I did when there is so much going on in the world, but I do know that I have to take accountability, so this is coming from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely don't want to hurt anybody else. I want to be part of the solution."

Hannah's comments come after she was slammed by many fellow "Bachelor Nation" stars for her May 17 apology. She said she's spent the last few weeks educating herself on race and why it was so hurtful for her to use the N-word, even though she was singing along to a song by a black artist.

Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Entertainment W

"I don't want to be an ignorant white girl who uses the n-word," she said. "I don't need anybody to defend me for what I did because what I said… What I did was wrong."

"If you want to support me, do not defend me," she continued. "Do not send hateful messages to people who are holding me accountable. If you want to support me, just continue to encourage me to do better."

The former "Dancing With The Stars" winner said she's been "very disappointed" in herself and understands that some people will never forgive her. Still, she promised, "I will be part of the solution."

family party

Brad Pitt throws lavish pizza party for daughter's 14th birthday

Brad Pitt's daughter's recent birthday served as a de facto family reunion of sorts. 

Barry King/FilmMagic

According to The Sun, the Oscar-winning actor threw a lavish pizza party for his daughter Shiloh's 14th birthday last week, and all her siblings were in attendance.

"Brad really wanted to make Shiloh's day special and had been planning it for a while. He can't believe how grown up she is," a source told The Sun. "He has an expensive pizza oven at his house and made her favorite dish for the party, while also celebrating with a cake."

Shiloh also got to see some familiar faces at the fete.

"One of Brad's film editor pals put together a video of messages from her family and friends all over the world, some of whom she hadn't seen in a while due to the pandemic," the source said. "Shiloh is really into photography and Brad also bought her a vintage Polaroid camera and created a book of all her best photographs from the past few years."

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Adding to the celebration was the fact that Shiloh's siblings — 11-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, Zahara, 15, Pax, 16, and Maddox, 18 — were there. Maddox and Brad have reportedly been estranged since the actor and Angelina Jolie divorced in 2016. 

"Shiloh's birthday really brought them all together, and she had plenty of presents to open on the day," the source said, adding that Brad also booked a studio session with a guitarist for Shiloh so the teen can learn to play.

Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

A recent report said that Shiloh is incredibly close with Brad

"He loves that she always stays true to herself and is so good to her brothers and sisters. Shiloh is close to both of her parents," a source told Entertainment Tonight.

"Brad's kids are the most important thing to him," the source continued. "He tells his friends he learns so much about life from his own children."

The insider also revealed that after years of battle over custody issues, Brad and Angelina are in a good place: "[They] have been getting along so much better since the custody rules have been worked out. They have come so far."

Protest coverage

John Cusack live-tweets Chicago protest, gets 'hit by pepper spray'

John Cusack went from actor to intrepid reporter, live-tweeting from the Chicago protest on Saturday and even getting attacked by an aggressive police officer.

Michael Sohn/AP/Shutterstock

The "Grosse Pointe Blank" star joined thousands of others in the Windy City over the weekend to protest the death of George Floyd. As the day began, he mainly shared videos and photos of what he was seeing. 

At one point he noted that he was "hit by pepper spray."

Shortly before 11 pm — after Chicago's curfew went into effect — John tweeted a short video of a car on fire.

Moments later, he posted a chaotic video in which a police officer can be heard yelling at him.

"Cops didn't like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike," he captioned the video. He later posted a video of the officers who, as he put it, "gently tuned up my bike with their batons."

Like in other cities, John noted that many of the protesters chanted George Floyd's name throughout the day. There was also profane language often being hurled at police.

John's videos showed tremendous unrest in Chicago. Much of his Twitter coverage showed looting and damage that had been done to businesses. He described the situation as "nasty."

After 1 a.m. on Sunday morning, John headed home. 

"I hope people try to stay safe," he said. "It's truly terrible out there."


ABC, friends 'extremely worried' about Ryan Seacrest's schedule: Report

Ryan Seacrest's hectic schedule is worrying some of his bosses, a new report states. 

"There are people at the network who are extremely worried that he is overdoing it," an ABC source told the New York Post.

Another source added, "People internally have started to ask questions."


Fans became concerned about Ryan's health earlier this month when they felt he exhibited signs of a stroke during the "American Idol" finale. Toward the end of the show, which was produced virtually, fans noticed that Ryan seemed to have a swollen eye and was slightly slurring his words. Immediately there was worry, and many viewers took to Twitter to openly wonder if something severe was happening. 

The following day, Ryan took an unexpected day off from co-hosting "Live" with Kelly Ripa, further concerning fans. 

"It was a last-minute thing and there was a sense of panic at ABC when we were told that Ryan couldn't make it that morning," the ABC source ­said.

Ryan later equated it to "exhaustion," and his rep said he was simply overworked and denied that Ryan suffered a stroke on the air.

Still, the ABC source said the "Idol" incident was "extremely disconcerting."

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

"Live" is set to go on a weeks-long scheduled hiatus next month, and ABC bigwigs are thrilled, hoping Ryan can take some time off. 

In addition to hosting "Live" and "American Idol," Ryan has a syndicated radio show, "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," which runs for five hours Monday to Friday, as well as the weekly "American Top 40" music-radio countdown program. He also hosts multiple specials throughout the year and covers the red carpet for E! at major award shows. He also has a production company, a skin care line and a fashion line, among other things.

"People underestimate just how much work Ryan puts in every day," a friend told the Post. "[Right now,] he wakes up at 4 a.m., has producer meetings by 5 a.m. and has to be ready to film at 6 a.m. LA time as 'Live' goes on air at 9 a.m. EST. Add the radio show ­every day, in addition to hosting "Idol" and additional content for his platforms." 

"He has definitely had to adjust his body clock," the source continued. "While some of us can turn off or take a break throughout our workday, he almost always has a camera on him or a microphone in his hand. He's always on."


The pandemic, friends say, is actually making life easier for the media mogul, noting that he no longer has to commute between Los Angeles and New York City, something he was doing several times a week.

"This whole time [he] has been in his house in LA because of the pandemic. It's been a lot of shooting, but people internally … are concerned about his fatigue," a television-industry insider said. "Everyone is rooting for him to be OK and knows he's a hard worker and juggling a lot of things — but he's a hard worker with no commute."

At the end of the day, friends just want Ryan to be more cognizant of his health. They also know that he likes being a workaholic.

"He is the consummate professional," the television-industry insider said. "That's why it's so worrying to see him [like this]. I just hope he gets a break."

Cheating accusations

Josh Lucas' ex-wife publicly accuses him of cheating

Josh Lucas' ex-wife has accused the actor of cheating on her.

In a Twitter post, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, a New York Times writer, didn't specifically mention Josh's name, but it was clear who she was speaking about.

Marion Curtis/Starpix/Shutterstock

"Having a child with someone makes you want to forgive them more than you normally would. It makes you believe they are better than they are. But it takes a really s–t human to cheat on their partner (correction: now ex partner) in the middle of a pandemic," she wrote. "Thank you for reminding me why I left you in the first place."

Josh and Jessica, who divorced in 2014, share 7-year-old son Noah Rev.

"I deserve better than this. Our son deserves better than this," she continued in her scathing post, which was captioned "Exes are exes for a reason."

She ended her post by writing, "And yes, I'm airing this publicly because there are a lot of women accepting much less than they deserve because there are kids in the picture. You're not stupid for hoping, for believing that people can change. I see you."

Josh has not commented on his ex-wife's tweet, and it's likely that he won't, as he quit Twitter in 2016.

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Up until now, the former couple seemed to be on good terms.

"We are both totally committed to raising our son and being in love with our son," the "Sweet Home Alabama" actor told People magazine in 2018. "I do believe our relationship will be constantly changing … it's a very remarkably complex period of my life."

That same year Jessica wrote a column for Time titled, "Raising My Son With My Ex-Husband Is the Hardest Thing I've Ever Done."

"My son was 1 years old when I moved out of the home I shared with my husband," she wrote at the time. "And ever since then his father and I have tried multiple ways to co-exist."

"We've lived separately, together and have even tried nesting (a name for the cohabitation set-up where the child stays in one home while the parents rotate in and out)," she continued. "We've tried cooperative parenting and parallel parenting, going no-contact and going full-contact (a name for the emotional set back where you start sleeping together again against all better judgment)."


Beckham's accidentally flood home after leaving bath faucet running

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are feeling a little waterlogged after suffering a partial flood in their home.

Darren Gerrish /WireImage for White Company

The former Spice Girl took to Instagram on Saturday to share a video of a repairman who came to help out with the excess water — the result of someone in the family leaving the bathtub faucet running a bit too long.

"Socially-distanced emergency repair visit from Des O'Connor! Who knew?!" she captioned the video posted to her Instagram Story. "Worth having a minor flooding incident with an overfilled bath for."

Victoria also recorded the repairman explaining how he planned to help with the issue.

"Hello, I'm Des O'Connor. Came to help David and Victoria following their flood in the house," he said. "My dehumidifiers will help dry out this flooring and the carpet. Hope to get them back to right as soon as possible."

Around the same time Victoria posted her video, David shared images of a countryside walk with his wife and daughter, Harper, implying that the flood was the furthest thing from his mind.

"Gorgeous walk with my gorgeous girls," he wrote alongside a snap with his 8-year-old daughter and the family dogs. 

"Saturday sunshine walk but someone isn't overly impressed with my hat. I obviously love it," he captioned two images with Victoria, who responded in the comments section, "The hat looked ok before someone ran it over."

Forbes fallout

Kris Jenner reportedly 'freaking out' over Forbes' new Kylie Jenner claim

Kris Jenner is "definitely worried" following Forbes' recent claim that Kylie Jenner's empire was built on a "web of lies," according to a new report.

Rich Fury/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Earlier this week, Forbes — who initially dubbed Kylie the "world's youngest self-made billionaire" largely due to her cosmetics line — alleged the reality TV star "likely forged" tax documents and inflated the value of Kylie Cosmetics to land the Forbes cover.

"Kylie's business is significantly smaller, and less profitable, than the family has spent years leading the cosmetics industry and media outlets, including Forbes, to believe," the mag said.

Andrew Parsons/REX/Shutterstock

Kylie blasted the report, but The Sun claims she and her mother are scrambling.

"Kris and Kylie are freaking out and fear that this is going to hurt their brand, and even worse, they could be in trouble with the government," the source said.

Forbes' claim was damning, insisting the Kardashians went to "unusual" lengths to prove just how wealthy Kylie was, which included "inviting Forbes into their mansions and CPA's offices, and even creating tax returns that were likely forged." 

The mag now claims Kylie is not a billionaire and has a net worth just under $900 million.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

On Friday, Kylie's lawyer demanded a retraction. 

"We have reviewed Forbes' article accusing Kylie of engaging in deceit and a 'web of lies' to inflate her net worth," a statement read. "The article is filled with outright lies. Forbes' accusation that Kylie and her accountants 'forged tax returns' is unequivocally false and we are demanding that Forbes immediately and publicly retract that and other statements."

Dog days

Andy Cohen reveals he re-homed his dog after 'incident'

After nearly seven years of companionship, Andy Cohen revealed on Friday that he's re-homed his beloved dog, Wacha.

The Bravo host made the heart-wrenching announcement in a lengthy Instagram post, attaching a video of himself playing with Wacha.

"As you may know, Wacha is my first baby, my beautiful rescue puppy. He is my pride and joy. When he came into my life, my world changed. Over the nearly seven years that I've been blessed to have Wacha in my life, we have worked to address some occasional random signs of aggression. No effort was spared in the attempt to help Wacha feel adjusted," he wrote. "After an incident a few months ago, numerous professionals led me to the conclusion that my home is simply not a good place for him. Keeping him here could be catastrophic for [son] Ben and worse for Wacha."


The "Watch What Happens Live" host didn't detail when exactly he re-homed Wacha but said he "put off sharing this news as long as I could." Wacha's new family, Andy quickly noted, is known to the dog.

"The good news is that he now has a permanent home with his second family, in the place he lived every single time I went out of town. He is thriving. We still see each other, but a piece of my heart is gone," Andy wrote. "I miss his weight on top of me first thing in the morning. I miss him waiting for me in front of the shower. And I miss the sound of his paws on the floor when I come home."

Wacha was well-known to Andy's fans, as the Bravo scion often spoke about the pooch and often shared pictures of him on Instagram. Wacha also often appeared on "Watch What Happens Live." Last year, Andy was criticized on social media following a joke he made about Wacha eating his newborn baby boy's toy. He told his haters to "stand down."


Certainly a lot of changes have occurred in Andy's life since he first got Wacha. In Friday's emotional post, Andy said he's "not the same person" he was seven years ago.

"My dog changed me. He opened me up to love.. to caring… and ultimately to having a family," Andy said. "When I think of him – let's be honest, when don't I think of him – it's with the clarity that we were meant to come into each other's lives exactly when we did, and that he's happy, which gives me peace of mind. We did rescue each other. Thank you, Wacha."