Talk about nailing the look! When both Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez walked onto the red carpet at the Met Gala on May 1, they could both lay claim to having the most expensive nails.

There was actual 24k gold in their nail polish, thanks to celebrity manicurist Elle.

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"I wanted the look to be clean, but also opulent," Elle told Us Weekly a day after the big event.

For Blake, Elle told the mag that she painted their nails with two coats of L'Oreal's beige as a base coat. She then dipped a brush into raw 24k gold dust and designed a look that was "stronger at the tip and faded down towards the base of the nail."


She added, "It creates crazy shine — it looks like an actual piece of jewelry that becomes one on your nail."

For J.Lo, Elle told Us that she wanted to complement her sky blue Valentino dress, so she went with a "pinky beige" as the base coat. Then came the 24k gold dust powder. But, for J. Lo, only her pinkies and ring fingers sported the expensive color.

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"She chose the placement of the pinky and ring fingers and it was just so right," Elle said.


Both women won rave reviews for their Met looks.