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Selena Gomez's key to staying and looking healthy is a little unconventional.

In an interview with Elle magazine, the singer revealed that she does general cardio workouts with her trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, but they certainly mix up the fitness routine.

"We'll do hikes. We have a Pilates machine," Selena said. "I have a sweat bed, which looks like a burrito that I wrap myself up in, and I sweat for about 45 minutes. Just little things to kind of keep me healthy and keep me focused."

Yep, a sweat bed. And now we'll let her describe a sweat bed...

"You lay in these beds in a sweatsuit, and they wrap you up and you sweat for 45 minutes and it releases all the toxins of your body," she explained. "I know it sounds gross, but you just sit in your sweat for an hour and don't immediately shower because there's natural collagen in your toxins that it actually makes your skin feel softer before you wash it all off. It feels incredible."

She added, "It's changed my skin, it's kind of changed my body as well, so it feels really good. That's kind of been something that works for me personally."

The singer does, of course, does other workouts, too.

"I'm horrible at discipline when it comes to working out," she said, saying that she's been working with her trainer since she started her Revival tour this past summer.

"When we started the tour, I really wanted to keep it up. I wanted to be healthy," she said. "I wanted to feel good. I just wanted to make sure I was the best I could be for the show and for my fans."

Another trick in her beauty repertoire is staying away from makeup.

"I just can't understand when—and no offense—people have to wear makeup all the time," he said, adding that once someone told her to wear tinted moisturizer or self-tanner at night, which was awful advice.

"For me, I just think that's not my vibe, plus I do breakout," she said. "I don't know if it's bad advice, I just think it's kind of to each their own. For me, I can't really sleep with things on my body or tinted things just because I get worried. It's not my vibe."

Everyone now and again, Selena said she gets an annoying pimple, like everyone else, but she doesn't get worked up about it.

"Life is life," she said. "You can't really fight it. I think there are things that I could do or procedures for sure, but I just don't. I think that's gonna happen."