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Bad news for Alex Rodriguez: Kate Hudson isn't sitting alone in a dark room stuffing her face with chocolate and watching highlights from the New York Yankees' World Series-winning season now that their seven-month romance is kaput. Instead, the newly single actress is ready to pahr-tay.

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People magazine reports Kate tossed a holiday bash on Friday at her Pacific Palisades, Calif., digs, which were done up with holiday lights, reindeer tchotchkes and female valets decked out in Santa garb.

On the guest list: Kate Beckinsale, Liv Tyler, Jason Statham, Tobey Maguire and a "lovey-dovey" Fergie and Josh Duhamel, who continue their tireless campaign to prove that their relationship is just fine post-stripper-gate.

"There were singers caroling to start the night, and then a hip-hop DJ played later," relays a partygoer, who says Hudson was "the perfect host. She couldn't have been in a better mood."

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Also on hand for the festivities were Kate's mom, Goldie Hawn, and stepdad, Kurt Russell, who the New York Daily News says are doing their best to help her get over this latest split (with a purported assist from Madonna).

To that end, the family is reportedly planning to celebrate the holidays at their ski getaway in Aspen, Colo.

Meanwhile, it seems Hudson's pals aren't too broken up that the slugger is no longer in the picture.

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"Kate is better off without A-Rod," a source snipes to the paper. "She had much better chemistry with Owen Wilson. Alex is such a diva. When he came to the London premiere of 'Nine,' it was obvious he didn't like standing in the background."

Counters a Rodriguez source, "He just went through a crazy divorce. He wasn't ready for a serious relationship. Friends would ask him, 'Do you love, Kate?' He'd say, 'She's a good person.'"

According to the insider, "Alex is a romantic. He's a love-at-first-sight guy. I think she was more into the idea of them together. She dug going to the ballpark and being the center of attention for 50,000 people. It helped her more than him."

Hudson, for her part, just seems to enjoy being the center of attention, no matter how many people are looking. On Saturday, paparazzi snapped her wearing a butt cheek-skimming floral romper and gray UGGs while grabbing lunch in Los Angeles.

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