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Now that gay marriage is legal in New York state, everybody is placing bets on which gay celebrities will be hopping on a plane to say their vows there. But take your money off of Adam Lambert! Us Weekly talked with the openly gay pop star and "American Idol" alumnus about his new episode of VH1's "Behind the Music" (premiering this Sunday, Aug. 7, at 10 p.m.) and squeezed in a question about his new boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen. Here's what Lambert had to say about marriage for himself.

US: Why did you decide to take part in VH1's "Behind the Music?"

AL: I have seen previous episodes and it has always been something I have been interested in. I did not have any doubts about doing the show because I had previously done E! True Hollywood Story, which was more biographical. This episode focuses more on my music.

US: What will we see in the episode?

AL: The episode will portray a deeper, more personal view of my life. I was not always happy-go-lucky and things weren't always easy. At times, things were difficult and confusing. Coming out of "American Idol" I was thrown into the spotlight so quickly, and I faced many obstacles. I am finally starting to feel comfortable in this industry and in my own skin. The fans will get to see how I feel. There wasn't anything that was off-limits for this episode, because I am pretty open with my fans. I spoke about a lot.

US: What obstacles have you faced on your journey of becoming an entertainer?

AL: I haven't really faced many obstacles. I had a great, easy upbringing. I came out of the closet at 18 and my family was supportive of me. I participated in numerous extracurricular activities and I was involved in the arts, which was an understanding environment. The only thing I found difficult was when I had to audition for the part of a romantically involved straight man because I had a hard time feeling comfortable and understanding the role. On the episode I talk about my experimentation with drugs but it didn't really affect my career in any way.

US: Do you think your sexual orientation has affected your career?

AL: It has caused controversy and at first I got nervous. This is a tricky career path, especially since most musicians aren't as open as I am. At first I thought, did I go too far? Was this a mistake?  I realized I have to trust my gut and be myself. I can't please everyone.

US: What is your relationship like with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen? Any marriage plans yet?

AL: I don't like to talk about my relationship so if you see pictures of us out to dinner together, then great! I don't see myself getting married in the future.

US: When will we hear new music from you?

AL: I have been busy in the studio writing and recording so that has been taking up most of my time. I have had a lot of time to reflect on my journey. I have learned and grown and evolved. I am proud of the strides I've made. I am thinking the album will be out in the fall.

US: Can you describe the material on your upcoming album?

AL: This album is different in that it has a more serious tone. There is definitely fun, upbeat music on there, too. This album has a thread of honesty in that it is real and personal. On this album I let people in further. It is an autobiographical album that portrays my dreams and aspirations. There are also some songs that deal with heartache and love. Whereas my old album was fun, campy and over-the-top, this album is more contemporary and honest. The last album was more of a fantasy, and this album is a search for my identity.

US: Any upcoming plans?

AL: I will be in New York recording the album. Lately I have had more involvement with different sociopolitical campaigns, like The Trevor Project and Do Something. There is a quote in the VH1 "Behind the [Music]" special where I say, "I feel like I am an entertainer, not a politician." Beforehand, I was leery about commenting on certain things, but I am now more comfortable voicing my opinion on issues like marriage equality.

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