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Ali Fedotosky and Roberto Martinez clicked immediately on "The Bachelorette," and when they became engaged in Bora Bora in 2010, things seemed to be headed for a happy ending.

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As it turned out, that ending wasn't quite what the couple had hoped for.

On Nov. 21, Fedotowsky, 27, announced that after 18 months of trying to make things work, she and Martinez, 28, had decided to call off the engagement.

"I wouldn't be being truthful if I said this came out of nowhere," Fedotosky explains in the new issue of People. "We definitely had been having problems. But I had always believed that we could work it out."

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In the past year, the couple delayed wedding plans numerous times, as they tried to repair problems between them.

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And after being engaged for just six months, it was revealed that they were still fighting about little things like Wii, according to People, which reported that this was one of the signs things weren't going so well.

Says Fedotowsky: "We both realized we were unhappy more than we were happy, and we both deserved more."