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By Rebecca Silverstein

Congrats to Alyssa Milano! The actress took home the Twitter Award last night at the Do Something Awards, beating out Edward Norton, Hugh Jackman, BP Global PR and even Ashton Kutcher. "I decided to give up my 37th birthday and start a Charity: Water campaign," she told us on the blue carpet before the show. "I use my Twitter account to raise money and get the word out there. And we were able to raise almost $100,000 and build 18 clean water wells in Ethiopia that service 4,600 people." But that's not the only thing Alyssa has to be excited about these days: Aug. 15 marks her first wedding anniversary with CAA agent David Bugliari. We chatted with Alyssa about dating bad boys, marrying a good guy, and her plan for kids. (Think Tony Danza will be their nanny?)

Wonderwall: Your one-year anniversary is coming up. What are your plans?

Alyssa Milano: We were talking about maybe doing an '80s-themed party at the house with just a few friends. I don't know what we're going to do, actually. I know probably for our anniversary night, we'll go to dinner with my family or do something real low-key.

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WW: What's your favorite thing about married life?

AM: My husband. He's awesome!

WW: Nothing's new, nothing's changed?

AM: Nothing's different, nothing's changed. I hear that question a lot, though. People have asked me since I got married, "So has your relationship changed?" And it really hasn't. It's the exact same thing. Of course, we don't have kids yet, so that would probably change the relationship.

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WW: Will you have kids soon?

AM: Sooner rather than later, considering I'm 37! So they'll have to be soon. I wish I had another 10 years just to be with him and just focus on the two of us, but you know, whatever God gives us, whenever!

WW: Do you wish you'd dated him earlier in life, so you'd have that time?

AM: No, because in my 20s, I was really into guys that were -- I won't say that were bad to me, but that weren't as good to me. You know, I had that bad-boy thing. So I don't think I would have been ready for David, because he's certainly not a bad boy and also so exceptionally compassionate -- a compassionate spouse.

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