Nikki Nelson / / WENN
Nikki Nelson / / WENN

"American Idol" finalist Phillip Phillips has put off surgery as long as he possibly could -- but his doctors say it's imperative he seek medical treatment as soon as his run on the show is over.

According to a report by TMZ, the Georgia native's kidney problems have gotten worse since March, when he was rushed to the hospital for severe abdominal pain. Though experts have advised he seek help immediately, Phillips has chosen to hold off until Season 11 is over.

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Phillips' kidney issues have reportedly affected his ability to sing, and according to the report, are also why he was often absent from pre-recorded segments filmed with the rest of the cast.

The 21-year-old vocalist has undergone five kidney stone removal procedures since October of last year and was hospitalized in January for issues relating to his condition.

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He is slated to square off against Jessica Sanchez during the program's Monday night finale.


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