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At this stage in his career, Cuba Gooding Jr., should just be happy to be recognized at all and not, say, pelted with tomatoes for inflicting "Boat Trip" and "Snow Dogs" on the world. But New Orleans police have issued an arrest warrant for the actor after he allegedly shoved a female bartender following a confrontation with some would-be fans at the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, report TMZ and Gossip Cop.

Seems the drink-slinger asked the Oscar winner to leave after he got into a "heated exchange" with some fellow bar patrons who were taking his picture. He purportedly shoved the bartender against a wall, resulting in a misdemeanor battery warrant.

"The bartender tried to calm him down, at which time he allegedly pushed her," a New Orleans police department spokesman tells Celebuzz, "and before he left the bar, he pushed her again."

Someone called 911, but no arrests were made at the scene. Gooding's rep confirms to "Entertainment Tonight" that he was at the bar but offered no further comment.

Cuba is in town filming the Lee Daniels-directed drama "The Butler," which features a cast ranging from Oprah Winfrey to Robin Williams.

He's hardly the first famous face to get in trouble in the Big Easy, joining a club that includes Russell Brand and Nicolas Cage (or, as we like to think of this trio, the future stars of a movie that will finally break Hollywood's spirit).


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