"The Bachelor"'s Brad Womack says he is on the hit reality show to find love - despite going home empty-handed the first time around. But his ex-girlfriend is telling a different story.

Womack's ex, Laurel Kagay, is telling RumorFix.com that he went on the show the first time to make her jealous but that he actually proposed to her before he appeared on the show the second time.

"He called me and he said, 'I wanna talk to you and your mom,'" she tells the website. "So he sat my mom and I down and just poured his heart out, said that everything he's done was for me, and you know, that he wanted to have children and get married."

She says the day after he texted her a marriage proposal, he texted her telling her, "'The producers of the ['The Bachelor'] called and they want me to do the show, and it's gonna be for a lot of money."

Kagay goes on to say that after Womack accepted the job he blocked her number from his phone.

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