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TV star Tyra Banks has confessed to fans she's nothing like her "America'S Next Top Model" "character", confessing she invented an alter-ego to score better ratings.

The beauty launched the reality TV competition show in 2003 and has since developed a reputation as a confident and sassy pioneer in the modeling industry, but Banks insists it's all an act for the cameras - because she's shy and insecure in real life.

Speaking during CNN's TV special Dinner with the Kings, which aired on Sunday, Dec. 4, she said, "When I did my show, created my show or whatever, I also created a persona on Top Model. And it's a character. So when I'm sitting there and I have all this make-up on, and I'm like, 'Your picture's not fierce...' talking all that and reprimanding the girls, that is a character.

"I don't do that, like, in real life; I'm passive aggressive. I'm anti-confrontational; I'm even in coaching to learn how to be confrontational.

"So it's a character, but people think it's real. I'm so not sexy. I know how to turn it on for a picture but I'm not sexy in real life."