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By Cristina Gibson and Jessica Wedemeyer

Bethenny Frankel may be single, but she's certainly not alone. Since filing for divorce from husband Jason Hoppy in late December 2012, the "Real Housewives of New York" alum has been enjoying girl time with her nearly 3-year-old daughter, Bryn -- who may be the inspiration for her mom's next business venture.

"We read a lot of different books, so I'm thinking about writing a children's book," Bethenny told reporters at the New York premiere of Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival on March 23.

"'Llama Mama' is my favorite book," added the reality-TV star, who effused that her tot "loves school."

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Bethenny's new taste in literature isn't the only thing that's been affected by her toddler: "Anything Bryn related, Disney related, princess related is in my wheelhouse now," she said. That includes frequent trips to Disney Land -- and apparently music festivals performed by cartoon characters.

"Secretly, I really love it for myself too, but [kids] are a vehicle to get you there," said Bethenny. "Kids are the best because they make you do these things that you wouldn't do as an adult. You recapture your youth. It's very sweet."

Bethenny and Bryn also share a passion for "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." "It's on in my house all the time," Bethenny says. "Bryn loves Minnie because she's a girl and she wears pink, but I like Goofy because I'm a little goofy."

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Although "doing nothing with [Bryn] is fun" too, the mother-daughter duo has plenty of exciting activities planned for the near future, including a swanky Mother's Day lunch at Eloise at the Plaza and a massive Easter egg hunt -- which actually started a week early!

"The Easter Bunny is starting to come: When I want to get Bryn to do something, I just say 'I have to call the Easter Bunny' and I hide some stuff in a sparkle egg," revealed the sneaky, sneaky mom.

We just hope that despite her early knack for reading, Bryn is still too young to have her belief in the Easter Bunny dashed by accidentally stumbling upon one of her mom's interviews!

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