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KRAPE / Peter Kramer / Invision/AP 1 / 7

There's no denying that Betty White had a banner year. Between hosting "Saturday Night Live," shooting one of the Super Bowl's most-watched commercials, debuting her own calendar and being named one of Time's 100 most influential people, the "Golden Girl"-turned-"it" girl proved that octogenarians can have just as much fun in the spotlight as their 25-year-old counterparts. And based on that vodka she knocked back on "Letterman" this week, the actress, who turned 89 on Monday, shows no signs of slowing down. To prove that, the second season of White's "Hot in Cleveland" premieres tonight at 10PM.

At her birthday bash in New York on Wednesday, Betty took a brief pause from partying to tell Wonderwall about her big year and share some tips of the trade for Hollywood's next generation.

WONDERWALL: Congrats on turning 89, Betty! What's your birthday wish?

BETTY WHITE: That we can just keep on doin' what we're doin'!

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WW: You've been in the business a long time now. What advice do you have for Hollywood's twenty-something starlets, like Lindsay Lohan?

BW: Be professional and appreciate the business you're in. Everybody all over the world would love to be in your business, so don't abuse it.

WW: What advice do you wish someone had given you in your twenties?

BW: I had some good advice from a mother and a father who were the best in the world. I was an only child, and they said that if I ever abused the privilege they would throw me out.

WW: You've experienced a remarkable career resurgence in the past year. What was your favorite memory?

BW: Everybody thinks my career is resurged. I haven't been away, guys; I've been working!

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WW: What's the raciest birthday present you've ever been given?

BW: A Pekingese puppy, and I named him Bandit because he stole my heart.

WW: Are you going to party like a rock star at your party tonight?

BW: Oh, of course I am!