Scott Kirkland / Retna Digital 1 / 5
Scott Kirkland / Retna Digital 1 / 5

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump had a not-so-merry time at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel late Thursday.

"Last night at the Polo Lounge my friend, Robert Kovacik was viciously attacked by an aggressive drunk ... I am shocked and upset, merry Xmas," Vanderpump Tweeted Friday morning.

According to TMZ, the reality star, her husband Ken and Robert Kovacik, an L.A. news reporter, were chatting in a booth at the famed lounge when a drunk man began harassing their table.

The Bravo star told TMZ that the man shouted, "I've seen the show. You're wearing a lot more make-up now, and your eyes are darker and smokier."

When Kovacik finally told the man "Please stop," their harasser punched Kovacik in the mouth and shoved Ken to the ground.

Kovacik was bleeding badly, and the cops were called. The journalist was reportedly treated by Paul Nassif, "Real Housewife" Adrienne Maloof's plastic surgeon husband.

"I hope Robert presses charged," Vanderpump told TMZ. "The man was outrageous."


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