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@bindisueirwin / Instagram 1 / 6

Bindi Irwin not only scored the first "10" of the season on "Dancing with the Stars" on Oct. 5, the 17-year-old officially won our hearts.

The daughter of "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, gave a very emotional tribute to her dad during a contemporary dance routine set to the song "Every Breath You Take."

The evening's theme was the "most memorable year," in which she naturally picked 2006 when she lost her beloved father.

"You know, it's been nine years, and I never really dwelled on that point when he did pass away," she explained on the show that was the moment that "shaped" her the most. "I think that I'm kind of ready to tell that story."

During rehearsals with her partner Derek Hough, Bindi broke down several times.

"I can remember being little and thinking, 'The one thing I want to do is be just like dad when I grow up,'" Bindi, who was just 8 years old when he passed, recalled. "And I still feel like that."

When it was time to perform live, Bindi held back her tears and danced incredibly gracefully. The audience cheered and many got emotional.

"This dance is for my dad and for my family for everyone back at home, but for my dad. This is for him," Bindi expressed.

After receiving an impressive score, the teen took to Instagram to post one more sweet tribute.

"I love you. Thank you for always being with me, wherever I go," she captioned a photo of her young self with Steve.