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By Brenda Rodriguez, with reporting by Mary S. Park

Gwyneth Paltrow recently revealed that she can "harbor revenge." So we went straight to a close source to find out if the Oscar-winning actress really is a mean girl: her mother Blythe Danner. We caught up with Blythe at the Gen Art premiere of her new film "Waiting for Forever," co-starring Rachel Bilson, on Thursday in New York City where she filled us in on her adorable grandchildren and her self-proclaimed mean girl daughter.

Congrats on your new film! Why is Gen Art cooler than other film festivals?

Blythe Danner: I've never been here before. This is my first time and I think it's fabulous. All these young people, all of your guys! It's fabulous!

How did you like working with Rachel Bilson?

BD: She's lovely. I've worked with her before.

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Tell us about your weirdest paparazzi experience.

BD: It's just sad. The kids are frightened of them, you know. And they're always around. Yeah, they don't love it. They're OK with it but [Gwyneth] really speaks to them a lot and tells them this has nothing to do with -- 'don't you feel bad about it. It's something they simply do.'

Speaking of the grandkids, how are Apple and Moses?

BD: Phenomenal, the best!

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You've said that they could be actors.

BD: I think it's in their blood, certainly Apple. Who knows? But I definitely think she has that certain something. Just the way she is in the world. She comfortable, very funny and beautiful. I think she'll do it. She adores her mother and I think she likes me and I think she probably likes to follow in footsteps. Who knows?

What makes Gwyneth such a great mom?

BD: She really invests herself in an unusual way. She's incredibly patient. She spends a lot of time with them. She answers everything. She anticipates. She never surprises them. They're well prepared for all the travel and all the things that go on. They'e very happy kids.

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What was your advice to her when she became a mother?

BD: Love 'em! Just love 'em!

What did you think of Gwyneth saying she could be a mean girl and seek revenge?

BD: Well I still haven't seen it. I guess we all have the potential right? Nobody's perfect but I don't see it in her.

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What's Moses and Apple like these days?

BD: He's really into the Star Wars Legos! Apple is into ballet.

Would you like more grandkids?

BD: I'd love it! I'd love it!

Chris and Gwyneth seem like the perfect couple.

BD: They're really happy and they're a wonderful family.

Good to hear, Blythe!