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George Napolitano / Getty Images

Poison rocker Bret Michaels reflects back on the day he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, writing on his blog that he could have died.

Michaels was about to take the stage in San Antonio, Texas when it was determined that he had acute appendicitis and was to undergo an operation. "After the fact, they told me that if I had gone onstage like I wanted to, it likely would have ruptured and I could have died. Not good," the rock star wrote on his Fancast blog. Michaels is still under medical supervision at a facility that specializes in rehabilitating diabetic patients.

He writes, "I'm feeling pretty bad…to tell you the truth. When you're not planning on having a body part ripped out of you, it can be a shock to the system. While the doctors are amazing in San Antonio, there is just no way around the fact that getting your appendix out HURTS. I have a pretty good threshold for pain, but this one hurts."

Michaels says he's passing the time with his "hot nurses," while watching episodes of "Modern Family" and baseball games. "It's no secret I love my kids, my life, and being on the road, so I want to make sure I do everything I can now to make sure I can continue that later. They say it can take four to six weeks to recover, but maybe longer for a diabetic."

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