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Britney Spears has apparently received some time off for good behavior. After filming a guest spot on "Glee" and working on her new album, she packed a suitcase full of string bikinis and headed to Maui this week with boyfriend Jason Trawick.

According to People magazine, the pair chilled out in a swanky suite at an oceanfront resort on the Wailea coast, where they indulged in spa treatments (fingers and toes crossed that there was a hair appointment or three on Brit-Brit's schedule) and gourmet eats.

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"Britney and Jason seem completely in love and happy," pronounces an enthusiastic spy. "Britney has not stopped smiling since she arrived in Maui, and she seems to have the best time with Jason."

The vacation was adults-only: Spears' sons, Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3, were photographed having their own sand-and-surf fun in Santa Barbara with her parents, Jamie and Lynne.

"Britney told Preston and Jayden that she was going to the beach and promised the boys that they would get to go also," says an insider. "The boys had the best time in Santa Barbara with their grandparents."

Paparazzi were on hand in Hawaii to capture the still-under-conservatorship popster, 28, as she strolled around in a variety of itsy-bitsy swimsuits and cozied up to Trawick.

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At one point, she was snapped with her legs wrapped around her Sam-from-"True-Blood"-doppelganger squeeze as they bobbed in the water and exchanged salt water-flavored kisses.

"Even in the ocean, they kept smooching," relays the spy. "Britney also looks fabulous in her different bikinis, and Jason is in great shape as well."

But neither is in shape to make things permanent.

Despite repeated engagement denials, this week's OK! floats the farfetched possibility of a "spectacular double wedding" for Britney and little sister Jamie Lynn, 19, who is reportedly on again with Casey Aldridge, the father of her 2-year-old daughter, Maddie.

"Jason said it would be bigger than a royal wedding," alleges a source. "Britney's eyes lit up. … A Spears-girls double wedding would be a huge attention-getter."

Brit's camp had a succinct response to the cover story: It was emblazoned with the word "bull----" on her website.

Still, the wedding spirit did move Spears during a photo shoot for the Japanese magazine Pop. On Wednesday, a pic was shared via her Twitter that showed her dressed up as a manga-like bride.

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"I just saw the photos for the first time," she (or a minion she pays handsomely) wrote, "and they are beautiful."

Be sure to click through the photos at left to see Britney and Jason's PDA, Preston and Jayden's beach time and Brit's faux wedding pic.

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