@brookeshields / Instagram 1 / 11
@brookeshields / Instagram 1 / 11

Brooke Shields has a serious case of grape face.

The actress took to Instagram on Aug. 18 to show off her latest alcohol indulgence, but her boozy affection won't do anything to increase her blood alcohol level.

In her post, Brooke looks off into the distance as she dons a see-through mask made of fermented grapes, or as many people call it, wine, aka the nectar of the Gods.

"Trying to give up booze for a bit. This is the closest I can get to my wine," she wrote in her post, addressing her 68,000 followers. "A wine mask!"

The hardest part about using the wine mask, Brooke admitted is actually the after affects. "Will try not to eat it when done," she wrote.

Many people believe that wine masks can drastically reduce wrinkles in one's face.

Wine me!