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Jackson Lee / Splash News 1 / 10

Singer Lenny Kravitz is struggling to find a girlfriend because his touring schedule keeps him so busy, he says.

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The "Fly Away" hit-maker was married to actress Lisa Bonet for six years, and they had a daughter, Zoe, prior to their 1993 divorce.

He went on to date a string of stars including Nicole Kidman and Vanessa Paradis, but has failed to find lasting love, and Kravitz is keen to put single life behind him.

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The singer tells CNN talk show host Piers Morgan, "I would like it to change; I think it's a good time for that to change now. I just love women; they're incredible. I think they are God's most amazing creation. I wouldn't say I'm the easiest person to be with. ... My life is a bit crazy: moving around, different country every day, long tours. It's not easy to build something. (It's) extremely (hard) -- it's an occupational hazard."

Kravitz also reveals that his father, Sy, who walked out on his mother in 1985, told him, "You'll do it too," and the rocker is determined to break free from the prophecy of bad relationships.

He adds, "It's something that I have fought and that I consciously continue to fight. I don't think I realized what that moment did until so many years later. It put something in me, it was just bizarre. I did let him know that it was really detrimental."

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