Team Tenacity lost its battle against Rock Solid Sunday night on "Celebrity Apprentice, and Summer Sanders, who was the project manager for Tenacity this week, went home. She blames it on her inability battle in the boardroom.

"I will put it a very simple form: I am a lover; not a fighter. I don't do well in those fighting situations," says the Olympic gold medalist. "Honestly, I did take control of this task. I wanted to be a better project manager than I was the first time around. I felt like I was, which is ironic that we lost the challenge and the first time around, I won."

Summer was trying to raise money for her charity, Right to Play, but the prize went to Bret Michaels, who won $40,000 for the American Diabetes Association.

"Bret was fantastic on the show," Summer says. "He is such a fighter and he has such a positive attitude. He is going, going all the time, and he is giving to so many people: his family, his fans and people like me. It is really amazing his energy level."

So does she think he has a chance to win it all?

"Bret's strong," she points out. "He has now won two tasks. He has this way of thinking outside the box and really pushing the envelope. Every time he does that he says, 'I will take the fall.' He fights on. Even when he wasn't project manager, often times, he was the project manager. He was the guy leading the group. I think a lot of people walked into this show, going, 'Who is this "Rock of Love" guy? He is going to be out fast.' He has proved a lot of people wrong. That has to feel good for him."

Summer says the last time she was in touch with Bret was after his appendectomy, so she is waiting to hear what the doctors have to say when they give a health update at a press conference on Tuesday. And she is hoping that he will be cleared to return for the "Celebrity Apprentice" finale on May 23.

But if not Bret, Summer thinks Sharon Osbourne has a good chance to win.

"Sharon Obourne is tough. She was sick in the beginning, so I didn't get a chance to know her well. Then she switched teams to Rock Solid. She seems to have found a better groove. I think she will be tough. She is Sharon Osbourne. She has been in the music business a long time and proved herself. She is not afraid of anything.

"Celebrity Apprentice" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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