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@channingtatum / Instagram 1 / 14

Can Channing Tatum do wrong? In his latest feat, he's managing to trade in his rock hard abs for a massive gut, and he still has everyone saying, "Yes, honey!"

For his daughter's Halloween carnival, the "Magic Mike XXL" star donned an oversized "Winnie The Pooh" onesie (hence the "honey,") showing off his humorous side.

"Pretty sure I terrified all the children at our daughter's Halloween carnival today," he wrote in posting his costume to Instagram. "Btw-- I'm pooh bear in case anyone can't tell."

The outfit covers Channing's entire body, with the exception of his ankles and his aviator-covered eyes.

Whether his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum dressed up is unknown. What we do know, though, is how in love the couple still is after six years of marriage, and how much they love their 2-year-old daughter, Everly.

"Jenna is a super mom," he told Vanity Fair in August. "There's no other way to say it. She is there every single second, every single day. I love being a dad. They're like little mirrors running around. They show you things about yourself you wouldn't pay attention to before. Jenna says it all the time: 'Oh, my God, that is so you right there.' But I don't know if I'm good at it."

He continued, "I think Woody Allen was right when he said 80 percent of success is just showing up. Conversely, I know some guys that would've been better off without their fathers around. It's case-by-case: did you get loved too much or not enough? I now look back on my own parents and have a better appreciation."

You don't know if you're good at parenting, Channing? You could have shown off your insane physique (and we wouldn't have minded,) but instead you chose to don a "Winnie The Pooh" outfit for your daughter. You're doing just fine, pal.