Elaine Thompson / AP 1 / 12
Elaine Thompson / AP 1 / 12

The "Future" of the NFL?

Although the Seattle Seahawks boast a bevy of superstars, a 14-month-old boy stole their spotlight after Ciara brought her infant son to the team's training camp on Aug. 3.

The pictures of baby Future are beyond adorable. The little tot looks right at home on the football field, watching his mommy's boyfriend, quarterback Russell Wilson, practice with his team. Pictures show Future playing with a football, drinking from his bottle, hugging Russell and getting tossed in the air by his mother.

As cute as they photos are, some fans didn't appreciate the visit, and as usual, took to Twitter to voice displeasure. Likewise, there was another person very close to the situation who was none too pleased: Ciara's ex and Future's daddy of the same namesake.

While the rapper didn't name name his ex outright, he tweeted about his ex's decision to date the NFLer.

"Never make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance #umtoobossedup," he wrote on Aug. 1, seemingly aimed at her. He followed with: "The devil gone come Frm all angles but I'm cover wit Angels…"

Last month in a radio interview, Future said he didn't want Russell acting as the role of "dad" around his son. "Of course I don't want nobody pushing my son, that's the number one rule," he said. "If I was a kid and my mama had somebody push me [in the stroller], I would've jumped out and slapped the s--- outta him. You don't do that in our community."

He said his son probably doesn't really have any idea what's going on. "He probably didn't know, she set him up. You got nannies, you got assistants, you know what it is. At the end of the day, I'm not for the publicity stunts," he said. "Leave my son out of the publicity stunts. Just leave him out of your relationship."

In response to her ex's comments, Ciara tweeted, "Some Person Is So Dishonest and Ignorant That They Don't Deserve A Response." She followed it up with another message aimed squarely at her baby daddy. "Furthermore, One's Main Focus Should Be On Being A Good Parent."

Russell has yet to publicly get involved in the family squabble.

Ciara and Russell have been dating since April. They've recently made headlines after announcing that they plan to remain celibate until they marry, if that day ever comes.

"It's until the deal is sealed. Absolutely!" Ciara told Access Hollywood of her commitment to abstain from sex. "I think both of us look at each other and we're like -- whooo! But we take it one day at a time and keep it going with each other and I'm really enjoying every day that we're sharing."