Violence erupted at Comic-Con in San Diego's Convention Center Saturday, July 24.One fan in a Harry Potter shirt allegedly stabbed another guy just under the eye when one of them refused to switch seats in Hall H. [UPDATE: More reports are trickling in saying that the attack was not in fact a stabbing, but a severe scratch.]Entertainment journalist Jen Yamato tweeted: "Uh, guards just escorted out a guy in handcuffs. Limping, blood on his new Comic-Con exclusive Harry Potter t-shirt. Look for it on YouTube."Eric Goldman from IGN tweeted out a photo of the man being held out of the Convention Center. It appears that blood is on his white t-shirt.The victim was removed on a stretcher. A friend of Zap2it on the inside tells us that Hall H is on lockdown. Nobody is allowed in or out for the time being. She also informs us that other fans subdued the attacker until authorities arrived.Fans in the cavernous Hall H -- where Comic-Con previews upcoming movies with trailers and panel sessions -- had just finished with the "Resident Evil: Afterlife" panel and were waiting for the Marvel Comics panel to begin when the fight took place.Cole Abaius also tweeted out the event: "Cops here in Hall H. Stretchers. Guy bleeding from the eye. Might have been stabbed somewhere./ Guy wearing Harry Potter shirt just got arrested in Hall H. Aggravated Assaultiamous./In all serious, this stabbing took the air out of the room. It's awful. Hope the guy is alright./Thanks, Comic Con. Show the Machete trailer after the stabbing. Very classy."UPDATE: Around 6 p.m. Hall H resumed their panels, beginning with Harrison Ford's "Cowboys and Aliens." Attendees are now free to leave if they wish. We're still searching for video. Story developing ...   Follow Zap2it and Zap2itHanh on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest movies, TV and celeb news.Photo credit: Zap2it

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